Uncapped Rested XP after first 60 Poll

So since the devs want our feedback on this I thought a poll would be the easiest way to find out how the community feels on it.

  • Love it
  • Hate it

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you can do a poll on the forums. Edit your thread and click on the setting icon last thing on the right and click build poll.

Better this way.

As for the change, I prefer it remains as it was in original vanilla, as this is an authentic vanilla server


Thanks, wonder why it’s hidden like that.

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My feedback:

Most if not all people visiting Everlook are here for the LH / Vanilla wow experience. This change is not authentic.

Not sure who is asking for or wants this change? On a 2 year server timeline, I don’t feel it is necessary.

All this change does is encourage speed leveling of your main to start raid logging sooner; then out pacing everyone else on alts who are levelling to enjoy the content.

Just a change for changes sake that benefits the sweaties, results in resentment and double standards.

Know when a change is a step too far… revert the change imo. Keep it Vanilla!! That is what we are here for!


I really like that.
I wouldn’t mind if it would be uncapped from the get go, but i understand that it would be abused too much.

From talking with Wall i get the point that it’s also a method to get people to keep playing and leveling alts. If i understood that correctly a lot of people (especially PvP oriented players) quit at the AQ mark. Because they are done with the grind and don’t want to raid as Healer or Tank anymore and with that change you could level at 2x speed. So more bearable, basically for the longevity of the project.

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It is not a change that would stop me from playing now.

It is a change that had it been announced at the start would have impacted my view on the server direction.

I’m too hyped for a fresh server to let this impact that, but I do think it is not necessary.

My 2c


That is completely fair, it’s good that you voice your opinion!

It’s not set in stone you know, could get changed back if more people don’t like it. :smiley:

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Not a fan. I get the point of view that some do not want to struggle to level alts for raid spots, but IMHO that is a result of lack of foresight. After god, 18 years? Players darned well know which classes and roles will be needed for raids.

I personally value folks being more attached to their characters, and the attachment is owed in large part to the effort of leveling. Assisting players to have a full stable of classes/roles just devalues those with mains.

If this becomes a thing, I expect half or more of the first day characters will be mages looking for camps to AOE steamroll level.

Dearest devs, please do not reward or incentivize speed leveling with this.