Vanilla + Content before I roll

I know there have been some comments regarding this matter but I would love the devs or someone in the know, who can confirm there is a path and ability to deliver content after Naxx. I can’t invest a year + into this unless I know I’m not going to get stuck at Naxx like I did in classic wow. Like a general idea of what the direction is and confirmation that the dev team are comfortable designing decent plus content is all I need. How does everyone else feel?


I think somewhere in this Q and A they touch on this and make it pretty clear that they have no intentions of creating custom content outside of the standard Vanilla WoW lifecycle at this point.


I was hoping for tbc

this server is just for original vanilla wow and nothing else, no custom content. i believe this is confirmed by staff and this is what I came for. I myself am not interested in any content after naxx and dont want the gear i farmed for go to waste.


I know this project is a blizz like vanilla project with no intention of adding in additional non-vanilla content.

However, one of the main devs for Everlook (Wall) has a dedicated vanilla+ side project (codename:Wallcraft) he’s been working on for years. I recall him sharing some pictures of it including some seriously cool shiet like MF’ing KARAZAN in it.

He’s stated multiple times that he plans on expanding it to reach a larger audience after he’s done with this project. With the street cred he gets if Everlook is a success, I strongly suspect there will be a follow-up vanilla+ project from him linked to this project in the future :muscle:


No, no custom anything

Couldn’t pre bis, tier 1 and tier 2 gear considered to be wasted by Naxx gear though? I just want to see new lore and not leave Azeroth so mysterious. The world is so big that fitting in custom content won’t seem forced. I just want my year + investment pay off for something new.

When you get your full tier 3 from naxx and have nothing else to do, you create the lore, with city sieging, raiding lowbie towns and forcing a reaction out of the horde or alliance, which ever side you choose there will always be something to do even if you completely finished the game; I understand that there is content in vanilla that sits in time, IE: the caverns of time & Hyjal summit, but that doesn’t mean that vanilla runs out of something to do, it’s just that blizzard decided to make more money with releasing it within an expansion pack.

If you really run out of something to do after naxx, go for rank 14 HWL/Marshal.
That will keep you busy for days.


I can confirm there is nothing confirmed.

also, the server will run for 2 years. who knows what will come by then.


only two years? how come?

I think that means the timeline spans 2 years but the server will remain going


yeah the server’s timeline is estimated to be around 2 years. it is not finalized yet afaik

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I hope that it only remains vanilla and never progress to expansions. Im here only for vanilla. I want the server to remain static at the last vanilla patch and finally enjoy the gear I farmed forever,

However; I would not mind adding missing content, such as opening zones found on the maps but inaccessible for players, such as caverns of times, hyjal, opening the gates of Uldum, and a few other zones I see on the map but I dont get anything when I put my curser over it. So long as it doesnt change the game, its just a matter of adding a few monsters, quests and bosses. THATS IT!

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I agree, regardless of people crying for TBC the server should not give it to them, if Everlook makes TBC servers that will be the end of the vanilla WoW servers.


wall would probably consider such things, but by the time they were done the server would be long dead

where do you think the players would go? I myself have plans to stay here forever, thats it this is the final vanilla fresh. Dont see any threats to Everlook in the future, not even any blizzard products

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Also, if Cata Classic drops somany players have already said they will leave due to it being hard to convince friends/guildamates to progress in cata after it destroys Azeroths vanilla content.

They would come here to play Vanilla as Classic Vanilla servers are faction un-balanced and have decreased in playbase.

how come cata expansion is classic? I dont get it

Ask Activision Blizzard.