Vanilla WoW Class Tiers by Activities

Post a common activity in WoW and sort the classes in tiers. I’ll start with an easy one



I feel like warriors are underrated levelers. Yes maybe not as strong as the top tier classes, but as soon as you get sweeping strikes and know how to utilize it, you plough through shit

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Warrior is mostly held back only by extreme gear dependence. Leveling a naked warlock solo would probably just be an additional time sink from having less health/mana if you’re allowed to use Voidwalker. Meanwhile Warrior needs A) Weapon to hit with B) STR/AGI to hit harder and C) STA/Armor to not die before the target when solo leveling.

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To be fair, if druids bother to farm their Pummelers they are absolutely bonkers. Doesn’t exclude us from being a massive meme though :relieved:


According to Willie, farming all the required Pummelers, wearing that level 40 BiS powershifting helmet, and consuming more mana potions than caster DPS to maintain powershifting, raised Feral DPS to - Decent tier.

fun to play tier list


Just curious, why are Mage and Priest only classes to be two tiers apart based on faction?


Was thinking the same thing…

Leveling from my perspective. All of this based on general state (no racials).

+1 for ranks based on gear color


I’m guessing it has to do with racials.

Horde mages have to contend with Alliance gnomes with escape artist in PvP which definitely hampers them.

Same reason why alliance warlocks have a rougher time in pvp because they have to deal with half of horde being able to break fears.

Horde Undead shadow priests probably have a bit more PvP oomph due to devouring plague, though alliance fear ward and desperate prayer are nothing to sneeze at either.


This based on best race/racials, but this is a minefield to argue here.

Hard is mage especially, because theyre are kiting kings and really strong in general besides of racials.

Rogue is broken no matter of racial.

Priest (Shadow) can fuck everyone, technically, but issue is gear and scaling in compare of other classes. Maybe UD Shadow priest is S+.

Warrior is Warrior, fast kills or big misery.

Warlock is most annoying with fears+dots

Druid/Hunters/Shaman annyoing, huntards rely on BW, otherwise theyre weak.

Paladin = 1/100 will fuck you onto orbit, rest is slow, painful death, theyre not bad, due of LoH, but its heavy up to player, how you utilize. He’s low due of memes.

Open World PVP viability, mostly considering scenarios where you’re playing solo but might be coming up against multiple players

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[As a Warlock main]


cries in no-pocket-healer warrior

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During the most recent handful of fresh servers, I chose Warlock multiple times and I can agree with C-tier in this particular case. Before getting death coil, warlock’s only “panic button” abilities are “Voidwalker Sacrifice” and “Healthstone.” Your best course of action is to DoT up and spam Searing Pain or just use your wand if it’s a good one for your level. Trying to cast Fear/Drain Life will likely just get you interrupted and spell locked from casting shadow spells.

Tangent for all the interrupts: Shaman and Rogue get theirs by the time they enter contested zones. Mage gets Counterspell at 24, Warrior has to wait all the way until 38 for pummel. Priest has to spec into Silence or use their AoE fear. Druid and Paladin only have stuns.

Despite the lack of interrupt/stun, Hunter feels like a hard counter to Warlock. Their pet usually does way more damage than any of the demons due to Beast Mastery talents. They are superior both in chasing and kiting.

Before writing a “I may just be bad” -disclaimer, I checked the chart again and note the Hunter in S-tier. I may not be alone in this matter. Also hunters can interrupt casting if they get imp Conc Shot proc or use Wyvern Sting, but former is unreliable while latter has two minute CD and is not available until level 40.

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Open world PvP

A Warrior Mage or I’m sure Pala will still have no trouble winning against a Druid if well played and at some advantage or clear chance to win at no disadavantage. Also depends on specs… tldr they’re all good. It’s just Druid and Rogue I feel have #1 control due to stealth, Hunter are great at chasing, Warlock or Priest amazing at 1v1 etc.

Mage is totally good vs many classes just probably not the best vs Druid but still good… Pala is great in a group and so is warrior. Pala is good at defending itself and Warrior good at attacking solo.

For Speed Leveling… anything besides that you playing wrong everyone knows that.

I’d say Shaman, Paladin and Warrior all share the C spot. But that’s just me. Paladin will still be the most monotonous though.

Since sit crit is a thing here, paladin leveling is actually not as painful anymore. Spec into reck, find some fast attacking mobs like cats in STV, sit down and melt them :muscle:

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