Voice from the warrior's heart in Everlook

Hi,GM.Appreciate all of you for stabilizing the E-server and good game experience.

Please balance the server prices of ArcaneCrystal and Black Lotus. As far as I know, in this version,the prices of Black Lotus and ArcaneCrystal have always been very close. But since the GM updated the refresh frequency of Rich Thorium Vein, the price of ArcaneCrystal down to 8G per unit now, meanwhile the Black Lotus is close to 60G per flower,so brought about the following problems:

The majority of warriors are mining, resulting in lack of gold. Due to afraid of invoving in RMT , few people dare to take risks to transfer gold between different accounts.But it is time for raid BWL. As a member of the guild, the Fury_Warrior requires self prepared potions. Due to the high price of Black Lotus, the prices of various potions have also been rising. So on the EVERLOOK server, it has affected the experience of playing as a warrior.

I’m glad that after severe ban on RMT, there are already very few RMTs, but to my knowledge, there are still a small number of them. Black Lotus is currently close to 60G, and some RMTs use Black Lotus as a medium for RMB transactions, with a price of approximately 15RMB per flower. I hope GM keep on investigate and ban against on RMT to prevent its reback.

Pls help us to corrective the Rich Thorium Vein refresh rate.

Let the price of ArcaneCrystal and Black Lotus come to normal level.


ArcaneCrystal price now nearly 9G

Black Lotus now nearly 65G!

the warrior and mining pls kindly up this topic!