Want to play but limited play time

Basically what the title says. I want to start here but with work and kids I don’t have as much free time as I used to. In classic I was able to play and keep up with gear by pugging raids on days off. Would that be possible here? I just want to be able to pug raids and PvP since I can’t really commit to a guilds raid schedule.

I would assume this being an authentic Vanilla experience that the casual community will definitely have a healthy Pugging community which IMO is one of the best things about the Vanilla community.


i have angry wife x2 kids , job and study for new job. Most of my guild are still around the same level as me with about 30% top tier end game or rest below me just go for it.

I would strongly suggest levelling 25-40 in dungeons as when I only have 1 hour to play a day 40 minutes is corpse running after being ganked by big groups so yeh stick to dungeons and pvp when you have ample time like weekends

I really do recommend what @slightlymad said basically that level to around 25 doing quests and dungs and then from there do mostly dungeons when you have under 2 hours to play and if you have more than that level doing quests. However sometimes in the dungeons shit can go south so really depends but overall good advice from @slightlymad.