We earnestly ask you to redistribute the Perdition’s Blade

Dear GM:
We earnestly ask you to redistribute the Perdition’s Blade.
Yang Lao Yuan Guild had first down the MC in the evening on Feb 1st 2023. It was our Guild first down the FD. So, all of us was excited and stoked. According of this, a mistake was happened in distributing PB.
Our Guild’s rule on distribution is the highest points on rolling. As we all know, PB was the most love for rouges. So when it run to PB roll, Vacant run twice. His first point was 68 while Tangxinjiu point was 79. 2nd was 86. Team leader missed Vacant’s twice roll. So he distributed the PB to Vacant on 86 point. When other team member pointed it out, the PB was distributed to Vacant already. According to rule, the PB is belong to Tangxinjiu.
We write to you to correct this error based on two reasons. This activity was live stream by our Guild President. It has more than 1000 followers. Now the followers doubt the credibility of our Guild. We hope GM can investigate it. It was really a little mistake based on some obsession on PB for rouge. We hope it won’t become a stain on Vacant’s reputation.
Yanglaoyuan Guild
The president: Aimik
Team leader: Ashura
PB’s wrong owner: Vacant
PB’s right owner: Tangxinjiu
MC ID: 9486


2023年2月1日晚上,我们公会(yang lao yuan)进行了熔火之心(MC)副本活动,这是 我们公会首次固定roll团的活动,活动进行的很顺利,一次打过了所有boss,也是我们真 正意义的公会首杀拉格纳罗斯(ragnaros)(FD),大家很是兴奋和激动。正因为此,在 分配装备的时候,出了差错。

事情是这样的:在毁灭之刃(Perdition’s Blade)分配时,Vacant roll点68, Tangxinjiu roll点79,但是Vacant又roll了一次86,分配装备的团长Ashura,没有注意到 这个情况,错误的把装备分配给了Vacant。但是,这把毁灭之刃应该是属于tangxinjiu的 。

我们也深知gm原则,一般不会干预物品的分配问题,考虑再三还是决定向gm提出复议此事 ,原因有2个:
2,我们公会(yang lao yuan)会长Aimik 对副本活动进行了全程直播,大概有1000+人 次观看了这次直播过程,因为毁灭之刃的分配问题,引起了舆论风波,很多网友认为公会 管理存在毛装备(ninjia)问题,对会长信用也产生了很大影响。但是,根据我们以上对 事实的表述,的的确确是一次失误。

我们希望gm能来核实此事,我们也愿意就本次事件配合调查,也希望gm能给我们一个解决 办法,如果gm能调整分配,把毁灭之刃重新分配给tangxinjiu,我们将不胜感激!



HAHAHAH you think GMs care here about that shit ?

vacant rolled twice intentionally. he is keeping that shit for himself.

Sorry, there is nothing we can do. 很遗憾,目前我们对此无法给与任何协助,只能希望你们未来分配上进行注意。GM一般不会对物品进行任何干涉,很抱歉无法帮助到您。