We need to talk urgently!

pumping my character on a good pvp server, I realized what I lack for happiness in this game! I would like to take part in communication with the FORUM ADMINISTRATION on the issue of creating a mechanism that allows you to transmogrify items (head, shoulders, arms, etc.) in a game on a good Everlook server.

overcoming thousands of kilometers on foot and exploring this world, I met many like-minded people who are not indifferent to my idea. And on behalf of many, I ask the administration to get in touch for discussion.

give us players the opportunity to be pirates, knights or wizards from dalaran. Give the opportunity to be unique. You can make restrictions, for example, only items from the auction can be transmogrified.

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In my opinion, this good idea,but only If this transmog not will effect with unique models items and armor sets.

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That’s never gonna happen on a server that is trying to replicate an authentic vanilla experience.


No one server newer can replicate authentic vanilla experience. All players are growed up now and no can feel this childhood magick like 100000 years ago

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