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We are what’s known as a “Legacy Server” project, which seeks to emulate the experience of playing the game in its earliest iterations. If you’ve ever wanted to see what was like back in 2004 then this is the place to be. Our goal is to maintain the same feel and structure as the realms back then while maintaining an open platform for development and operation.


Cowabunga my dudes
aww i gotta post at least 20 characters?

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Could you make the forums look like the oldschool 2004 wow forums too ?


I agree, I had thought and wanted the same thing

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Really pumped for this , Blizzard was good in classic then flopped fast . Vanilla + was great hard crunchy then flopped due to silly mistakes.

Pretty sure this right here will be the real deal. Also looking forward to mingling with the US players as a Britt plenty of banter and insults to come.

Looking forward to old school PVP and raiding main cities make it so~!

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found this image online. it says that it is open source. would be really nice if they implemented it. Looks amazing!!

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thanks for all the hard work !