What and why are people expecting to be different from classic wow?

I really want to know why all of a sudden a newly launched private server is supposed to change anything in player’s behaviour, nostalgic feeling or the community overall from Blizzards Classic WoW launch.

Why would this server be different? Why would people think that the same problems will not occur?
Why would you decide to invest time into this without knowing whether it will be shut down by Activision in the near future?

Do people not remember how tedious farming world buffs and not being able to play while you had them, really was?
Do people not remember how useless certain classes and specs were by game design choices blizzard made back then?
Do people not remember how incredibly min-maxing and toxic people became over the duration of classic?

I loved the idea and feeling of vanilla. But it had huge issues in its core design. Rereleasing it 1to1 will not fix any of them. Classes had no balance, PvP was a mess, and PvE was designed with people in mind that had no idea how to ‘properly’ play the game.

I am expecting - no matter how much people don’t want to be min-maxing, no matter how much people do not want this to fail - to evolve exactly the same way Classic has.

So please tell me - why is this going to be different from any other vanilla classic server?
I want to get excited by this project, but I just don’t have a reason to - yet.


Me personally, I don’t care about any of that. I enjoy Vanilla WoW for what it is, with all of its flaws. Perfection doesn’t exist for us humans. All we can hope for is as much joy as possible in our lives with as little suffering as feasible. That looks different for everyone, but for me, Vanilla brings me more joy than suffering and it’s a great way to balance the stresses of real life out. If that’s not the case for you, don’t play, and I hope for you you’ll find something else that suits you better.


I think most people here really enjoy the game and appreciate what the developers did way back when, sure you will get some toxic cretins but hey that is life.

For me personally I haven’t explored all of Azeroth and would like to do that this time round and I love the fact classes are not balanced having counters is fun.


Probably because Vanilla requires player co operation , it is hard & these guys plan to punish gdkp , botting and a wealth of anti community things.

I am hoping that guilds discords may be full of people chatting and playing together like classic was.

There should be a good server balance and people that want to pvp can and people that struggle with it can call on buddies and guildies to help out.


Speaking for myself - it is the only optopn to play classic as a russian. And it is free. And no one cares how i play here. Also i like the server icon. I am a simple man.


I play here because I enjoy VANILLA wow.


In my case I never had the chance to play properly Vanilla wow and I would love to relive it. It was always a dream of mine since starting playing wow in wotlk back then. Even thought it’s a private server, especially from Wall’s interview I am more than impressed by the amount of work they are putting so we can enjoy Vanilla once more.


Crazy idea, don’t play if you dont like it.

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And enjoy it you will , it was the best so far imo .

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Is exactly what I wanted to ask about, Why aren’t we learning from SoM for example?
I really want to play classic vanilla, with ALL THE CHANGES not the old botched game
even worse, slower progression copying the old progression & content same old to the absolute letter
BL and RTV spawns, profession procs, the dreaded world buffs really OFF with that now every raiding guild will require it and its an absolute terrible chore

It sounds like you are looking for a Classic+ server. This is not a Classic+ server.

it sounds like we will never have any of that sort anyway

Well no one is forcing you to take world buffs, I sure won’t bother about them. If I get them fine, if not also fine.

Slower progression? Well that depends how much you plan to play, if you play 8+ hours every day, then it is. But if you play in moderation then it’s just fine.

SoM is just a faceroll, same as Wotlk now. The only challenge and pure enjoyment from Blizzard lately I had is in TBC. So Blizzard currently has nothing to offer me.

And one more thing, there are actual GMs here + all other good stuff like banning bots, no gdkps, no WTS Boosts.

Its a case of it is what it is for me now, I still like Vanilla, I will play and I hope I can retain my sanity doing it all over

Did you really just post all that on a vanilla server and used Classic as reference ROFL!!! Most people here play it since 2004 and know exactly what they are getting into.


I feel like a lot of people really let themselves get caught up in the meta groupthink mentality of Classic and are now suffering from PTSD.

You don’t have to speedrace to 60.
You don’t have to parse.
You don’t have to ban meme specs from raids.
You don’t have to get every world buff every raid.
You don’t even have to raid.

It’s an MMORPG, just enjoy the digital world. Go spoon with your E-lover in the Goldshire Inn, or fish in STV on a Sunday. The world is your oyster. Just fucking play and have fun. It’s really simple.

We don’t need to start deleting huge portions of the game because you all burnt out on the meta-slave grind on Classic.


People have different definitions of fun, they don’t “just fucking play”

I think bots getting banned and real GMs you can talk to is a big plus


I have to take nif35’s side here, absolutely solid argument mate
I hope people see this and refresh their fish memories