What do you think class population will look like on Horde side?

I’m interested to see what classes will be needed on Horde since I plan to roll Horde with some friends.
One of them is a Feral Druid (dps), and the other is going Orc rogue. I’ve heard that priest is needed on Horde side, so thats a strong contender, but I’m wondering if any other class/specs are underplayed.

i heard (maybe not true tho) that resto shammies are always wanted


I would say just avoid classes that want the same gear as they do. If you plan to level together, a priest would fit perfectly into your trio, probably more than anything else.

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Majority of all players are gonna go Warrior or Rogue. It’s a PvP server and Warriors and Rogues are just the meta for all forms of content. My guild already has a majority Warriors and Rogues lol To a lesser extent Enhancement Shamans for PvP.

Not even resto, Horde raids are absolute whores for shammies of nearly any flavor. I imagine you could probably get into a decent guild even if you were an enhancement shaman

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horde troll hunter

In general the holy trinity of WoW

Mage, Warrior, Rogue

For fast leveling:

Hunter, Warlock, Mage, Druid

Best healer:

Priest, then Shaman, Druids are okish (no ress, only battle one)


Druid > Warrior (preraid)

But as always, Druids and Shamans were mostly lowest pop.

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As a Priest main, I’m offended to not see our name with the fast levelers.

Are shamans better healer then paladins ?

For group healing, yes. Single target, no.

So they are both on the same tier level ?

That question is a whole different rabbit hole that we could fall down. Pick your faction first and you won’t need to navigate the lengthy debate(s) on that one.

Shamans are better at healing groups that eat a lot of aoe damage (often the case with melee dps) due to chain heal. Horde raids need tons of shamans because while their totems are awesome, they only affect the group the shaman is in.

Paladins are mega efficient at healing single targets and their blessings affect the whole raid.


Very good explained.

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For the tribe!!!


For the Horde!

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For The Horde。