What have you prepared for 11th (The launch of Everlook)?

So… What have you prepared for the date when Everlook launches at 11th?

Me personally, I have about 240 beers (Royal Export), 4 gram of cocaine, about 23 gram of hash, shit loads of cigs AND i plan on making prep meals for 7 days…

  • I don’t have any irl plans for about 9 days after launch.

On a serious note: I sincerely hope you take good care of your health though my friend.

Me personally:
I’ve taken a day or two off work, made a Word document in which I’ve listed many things. Including but not limited to Stat priority on gear while leveling, which Talents to pick on which levels, a list of gear pieces to collect on the way to 60 and lastly I have a general leveling route planned out and my best IRL friend is rolling a tanking Druid alongside my healing Priest.

So TL:DR I am well prepared.

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I have a slightly different strat in that I have peppermint tea, mineral water and healthy snacks stacked up :smiley: - but aside that, quite similar.

  • Booked over a week off work
  • Have the support of my gf to understand I am not to be disturbed at all, I am basically on holiday with the lads and not present
  • Stress-tested my rig to the max and configured the shit out of it
  • All addons sorted (but will probs break on launch)
  • Going to ensure I exercise once a day and get decent sleep so I can focus hardcore in game

Going in first time playing a NE so will have no idea where TF I am going/quests etc for fun.


I’ll wait a day to make sure I roll on the lower pop faction.


The will power it would take for me to wait a day to roll on the lower pop faction. Respect.

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You can run this game on a pentium2 with integrated graphics.

If you’re going nelf for the love of God avoid the baneth’il Barrow dens quests at all costs. With dynamic spawns on during launch, even a full group of 5 won’t be able to make any headway in there since mobs nearly instaspawn :cold_sweat:

True that, but I decided to go all in with a mega monitor, rez, refresh… hoping to get through the launch onslaught with it.

Good shout. I did hear about that, I’m scared of caves/barrows/anything not “open”!

I’ve never seen food and cocaine go hand in hand - you have to pick one of them :joy:

Note: I like the cocaine part.

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I might have to change my approach.

LAN party? :smiley:

I take regular sleeps before it goes all over the place when he release comes :joy: and I’m hoping that my employer will call me after a week or two so I don’t have to worry showing up for work since its season :weary:

A good advice is to break a toe on yourself, so you can call in sick for at least 2-3 weeks.

I heard this Covid thing going around again is a good one also…

Nothing a red sharpie can’t fix. I’m gonna Donnie Trump the shit outta this home COVID test :mask:

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64 pack of hot pockets from Costco

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My plan is as it is any other weekday:
Up at 5:15AM, bathroom, coffee, browse internet for 30 or so, fresh coffee and bathroom round 2 for the 3 Ss, then 30 minute commute to my desk jorb.

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As much as I enjoy playing wow vanilla, and I consider it to be the best MMOPRG, I think you guys took it way too far.

I hope you won’t end up on vaulty’s 10 min “5 WoW players who took it so far…” video


This guy fucking gets it.

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Alliance is almost always higher pop faction.

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For real? On Classic Horde was way more popular.

I think it generally depends on your server.

With Classic, paid transfers usually had factions concentrating into servers where they were more heavily favored so you mostly ended up with several pretty polarized server where it was either 90% horde or 90% alliance.

You won’t see that here since there is just the 1 mega server and there isn’t a safer server you can run to. You just gotta stand and defend your turf :dagger: