What i think after 20lvl progress on Everlook

Some people talking about fake online and chinise-speaking players and bots and bad things like so. Its was scraing me.

After 1 week in everlook i dont saw nothing like this. i saw only pretty good online in low lvl location so you always can find group for dungeon. I sow usable auction so you can earn some money on it. i saw a lot of players from differnt countres they try speak english, and i try too. i dont saw broken quests and critical errors and my ping is okay. Its all looking fine. Maybe bad things will start later. who knows.

i want to say what, if someone is tired of something it does not means this something is bad or broken. its just means someone пидорас

I write this post for people who not sure to start playing this server or not. Becouse more online is more interesting gameplay

Thank you


Thank you брат its actually helped me choose exact this server
I had doubts before but now I’m good

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