What is allowed?

I’m wondering what is allowed in terms of graphic enhancements.

Is stuff like this allowed?

Some of these makes the game so much better today in terms of graphics - and especially improved FoV makes the game so much bigger to play.

Also: Which launcher is the best one to use? Right now I’m using the one from RetroWoW.

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Fairly certain you run the risk of the anti-cheat auto-banning you if you run changed models and improved FoV. Staff had already mentioned they would not be hearing any appeals for those type of auto-bans so you defo do it at your own risk.

The stuff they ask you to install in the Beyond Ultra Graphics video also sounds like it might run that same risk. Most anything outside of regular addons/macros is considered haram here. The only exception I know of is Nampower to fix castlag which the staff had explicitly said was ok to use.

All the adjustments from that nost thread are a-ok fine tho! :ok_hand:

Namreeb one of the devs from nost/LH also has a pretty pimp launcher I’ve heard if you wanna use that:


I tested patching the .exe with large address aware on the PTR. It doesn’t let you connect (fails to validate the client). I didn’t use the turtle wow link though.

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Thank you for the reply - I will def check out the Namreem one and also install Nampower.

Is this also a no-go? Improved Models for Vanilla WoW - YouTube

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This reminds me of the old chameleon skins for first person shooters… imagine being able to see bright orange or yellow flag carriers from across the map…

Yeah Nampower is mostly only useful for NA and OCE players with high pings but it does kind of fuk up casting animations sadly. Small price to pay for big deeps IMHO :smiley:

Any modifications outside of standard addons/macros and Nampower I personally wouldn’t risk using unless the staff specifically mention they’re allowed!

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Improved models: Works fine, only you can see any changes. Better visuals, no way to gain an advantage.

Graphic enhancement: there is an addon for that https://github.com/mrrosh/VanillaGraphicBoost

Improved FoV, Large Address Aware patch etc: No.

Best launcher imo is form clean Nostalruis client install.


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Nampower or LagCast,can they be used in the game?

Yup, both Nampower and Lagcast are confirmed fine to use by the everlook staff!

Ok, thank you very much.:sparkling_heart: