What other games have you played?

So would like hear what games have you played :slight_smile: It can be now and then, So heres some of mines.

I started young age when first computers came…
Played lots of DOS games like Jazz rabbit, putt putt xD, Donald duck - cold shadow /… /, Alladdin DOS! im sure cant remember everything of them.

Then kinda consoles and modern
Xbox - lots of Halo, Halo2 whit Bro! CO!!! i did hit every light granade :stuck_out_tongue: Ninja gaiden. Hit man.

Ps2 - Final fantasy X-2 (only expansion i played, just loved the girls :D) GTA : Vice city and san andreas

as long i can remember…

Computer - Aliens vs predator Unreal tournament Wolfenstein Enemy Territory World of warcraft


aside of the obvious answers that everyone might have played (ur cs’ses / nfs’s) i remember playing this game on PC:

I might re-play it one day actually :smiley:


was MEGA aswell, to this day the soundtrack rocks :smiley:


PS2 - maybe all games which existed with highlights being Football games (PES/Fifa) and star wars battlefront II

PS3 - football games and COD (from MW2 to black ops II, excpet Black ops I). Black ops II was my favorite PS3 game

PS4: fifa, warzone

PS5 - Warzone, fifa

PC: old games such as star wars battlefront II (2005), Warcraft III, TMNT games, Slender: the eight pages, Fate: the traitor soul, Command and conquer generals: zero hour, Frogger, Taz: wanted!, sinbad: legend of the seven seas, The sum of all fears DEMO, GTA San Andreas. and maybe many more

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My first video game was Pong. I’m a ravenous gamer, now 60 year old grandmother and have taught both my children and grandchildren the joys of gaming for relaxation. I played back in the days where it really WAS a surprise to run into a female gamer. Thank goodness that’s changed. I’ve played so many games I couldn’t even name them all. Be easier to go down a list and mark what I haven’t played, probably.


Frogger must be the thing :smiley: nice, to know about you @NukaDingo ! I give you my blessings <3

this was super game back in my times! im kinda waiting it go viral again :thinking:
i remember myself getting this game, it was ok at first i did get trought the game almost over middle way and then i did kill my first human in any game like 3D and i did quit for moment and didnt tell mother that game she gave we kill humans OMG

nothing just beats thise musics… i still jam thise !

Heroes of might and magic 3 greatest game :wink:

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Oh my god yes, Might and Magic series!

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Mainly? The Elder Scrolls series (Arena,Daggerfall,Morrowind,Oblivion,Skyrim) and the spinoffs.
Diablo 2 & 3, Warcraft 3, Terraria, Starcraft 1 & 2, League of Legends, All of the Call of Dutys, Minecraft, the Fallout series (1-4), Tomb Raider…
Also, Heroes 3 & 5, Mario & Zelda (RIP Old Nintendo). too many to list them all x)

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also heres another great game i been playing what just showed up on steam and vent viral… it had years many servers and another transfictions about this kind of game, im sure it stays this time… before we did play vorlia based like this kind of game in our lower school whit friends! this is my character nowdays in DRANSIK game in steam :smiley:

recently played it trough! Idk… it was pretty joyable but i dont know should i advice you to try it, was it that good after all… but like finalfantasy X-2 and half-life 2 i always just fall in love whit the girls <3

Oh, i played a lot.
Some examples:

Super Mario Bros 1-3
Metal Gear

Legend of Zelda Link to the Past
Star Fox
Legend of Mana
Lufia 2

Parasite Eve
Resident Evil 1, 3
Metal Gear Solid
Final Fantasy 6-9 (kek)
Silent Hill

Super Mario 64
Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask and Ocarina of Time

Gothic 1-3 (I am german, ofc i played them :stuck_out_tongue: )
Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines
American McGee’s Alice
Alice Madness Returns
Warcraft 3/Frozen Throne
Dark Souls 1-3
Elden Ring

Alright will stop now. x)

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Most notable and nostalgic gaming for me was irl xbox lan parties:

8 people
4 sofas
4 TVs
4 xbox’s
4 copies of Halo 1…
2 teams, many, many reefers and so many treasured Friday night team death matches.

Oh to be 21 again… where did that 20 years go?


thats just impressing! i would like to walk on your shoes :stuck_out_tongue: i always loved halo and some lan partys sound so damn WICKED!!!

still playing this now and then… i did beat the game at it hardest, day and night tired still pumpin music from game and driving same map that i must win it as hardest :smiley:

really its just best game ever for ps2 i loved drifting! and music is too gooooooood!!! i could drift maps fully whitout losing points…

Final Fantasy X-2 - Wikipedia <---- also this rocks hard