What's the deal with the Uncapped rest XP change?

So… I recently found out that a pretty significant change was made to the server.

A recent update apparently removed the rest xp cap. I don’t particularly recall a lot of people clamoring for this particular change so I’m a bit curious as to why it was introduced especially this close to the launch.

I assumed this server was going to be as close to LH in spirit as possible but this change honestly feels a bit fun-serverish to me.

Was this a team decision?


Lets say it was and also still is for the staff team a very controversial topic. We brought this topic again up to discussion and found a compromise for both sides. As long there is not a single level 60 on the account, the rested XP will be capped. As soon the account contains a single level 60 character the rested XP will be uncapped. There are good and comprehensible arguments for both sides. However, for now we think this is the best tradeoff.

Obviously we are open for every kind of feedback!


I never play alts…never but this time i might make one. I have a feeling that this decision has more benefits then downsides, especially with the lvl 60 rule.


All right here is my feedback for this. I LOVE IT! GOOD JOB!
As someone who only ever really feels motivated to get 1 character to 60 and then play other characters from time to time this is absolutely brilliant for me!
10/10 change.


good compromise from both sides, if there had to be one

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is the rest increasing at a rate of 5% of a level per 8 hours resting for a character? (default)
this generally changes how long characters spend in each zone so it effects player density in world

also in a way you are giving an extra incentive to rushing first char to 60. I don’t particularly like it, I prefer default rest I think making decisions for your characters accounting for the rest levels is good. I never rush to 60…

A reason why I don’t like it is it eventually makes the rest mechanic irrelevant and sorta makes xp rates x2 instead : even with default rest, it’s very hard to keep up with your rest with more than 1 character once you reach some higher levels. So there is no need imo. The rest mechanic I think was also thought out for players who don’t necessarily play a lot of time per day but still make progress and benefit from playing regularly but not as much as others (cause they’ll get x2 xp whereas the others won’t, as they’ll have kept up with their rest). However there are still benefits with default rest to keeping up with your rest, as you’ll get more monster drops instead and get richer => stronger by next level.


It’s sort of troubling staff spent time even discussing this tbh. Or that there was a vocal faction wanting any kind of faster xp that got listened to. If there are going to be changes, there’s a lot of easy ones that would make the game better/ more convenient.

Devalues mooncloth/ cured rugged/ maybe arcanite, that’s ok but not without consequences. It’ll probably put more raw gold in the economy tho, quicker to push a farming char to 60 if you plan ahead.

Big thing is world density, mentioned above. I see the server timeline’s around two years. If 4 months from now people ask about rolling here and the reply is “Don’t bother, you missed the leveling rush” that’s a bad thing. Always hard to start late and you can’t do the group quests, slow to find leveling dungeon groups etc. This pushes things in that direction.

Why base it on having a 60? As said above, just gives people an incentive to skip as much of the game as possible on their first char, which makes the experience worse for them and everyone else.


If 4 months from now people ask about rolling here and the reply is “Don’t bother, you missed the leveling rush” that’s a bad thing. Always hard to start late and you can’t do the group quests, slow to find leveling dungeon groups etc. This pushes things in that direction.

That’s a good point I didn’t think of yeah it’s going to make it harder for any player to start off a new account later than others that’s not a good thing.


Yeah I can see why. More and more of these “QOL” changes have been seeping in and I highly suspect they’ve been made without consulting the big doggo first and only approved after the fact to save face from a full reversal. Dropping this pretty big one a week before launch makes me think that more of these Non-LH-like custom changes are on the horizon and it feels a bit oof.

I’ve never been one for half-measures and since things look like they’re heading towards the fun server route, I’ll likely just go all-in and resub to retail for Dragonflight instead :clown_face:

GL with the server bois! :+1:

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Personally, I do not think this is a good idea. I can see the reasoning for it, but this panders to the “get 60 fast” mindset that guts out a good portion of the game. If you want to level an alt, awesome, do it properly with others rather than just smash to 60.

Also, making significant changes like this last-minute is not a wise move, imo.


Stop changing the game. Keep it vanilla. No need to rush to lvl 60. Revert this change


Definitely don’t agree with this change. People who want to level alts, will do so regardless. The ones who don’t, won’t. This looks like it will make for a culture of “full rested cap” dungeon spamming of sorts which will not benefit the living over world much, if at all. But we’ll see.


I think bringing in new players is more valuable than incentivizing existing players to make alts down the line. Continuous growth is the dream.
Question is how meaningful each of these are:

  • the encouragement of existing players
  • the discouragement of newly joining players - by being at a disadvantage

Yeah the alts shouldn’t have an advantage over newcomers just because they have a 60. Say 6 months later the majority lvled to 60 and started alts, while there is a little influx of new players, the alts will outlevel the new players with their x2 exp rate event and they will face difficulties finding dungeon and questing groups. This also makes you skill alot of content. If i have an alt, i would like to try a completed different leveling route than my first character.



I was quite surprised over this change. I didn’t know there was any issue with Rested XP. Had anybody been complaining about it? It just seems like an unnecessary, un-vanilla-like change. Even Classic is capped at 150% and people leveled tons of alts there (then again, Classic had all that boosting…).

Personally speaking I’m worried how this will affect leveling alts. I’m an altoholic and I’ll jump between characters, and sometimes they might get rested for a long time. Four hundred days to get rested 1-60, about half that when taking quests into account, and even less when considering the rested you’ll still gain during the process of leveling the character. A simple assumption would be 16 hours of sleep and work, or 10%, every day. Like Prometheus112 mentioned, the character may basically have x2 XP.

One might say that you can create a new account for each character, or the devs might add a feature to allow players to disable the uncapped XP for their account, but I don’t like that either. As an MMO you want every player to be on the same level playing field. If it was possible to choose between x1 or x2 XP virtually everyone would play x2, even if they prefered x1, kinda because each player is part of a greater whole. In TBC it wouldn’t make sense to tell someone they could still play vanilla because the content is there, you need the players too, and they need to be in the same world with the same rules. I’m not sure if I’m making myself understood here, I’m just trying to explain one of the essences of vanilla.

Then there is also the issue of this being one of several changes. Changes that might not have been on vanilla or Classic, and might not even have been on previous pservers (but I havn’t played on too many, I’m thinking mainly Nost and LH). Rested XP cap, rogue CP lingering, all FPs on launch, all quest hubs on launch (which I think has been reverted now). Not too significant changes on their own, but each day we stray further from vanilla.


I don’t see any reason to add this change. Turtle wow has changes, classic wow has changes.

Isn’t this the only project which is a true Legacy WoW?


From your post i see that there are other custom changes. So original vanilla didnt have all flight paths from the beginning?

Sounds very interesting. I wish they kept it that way. It makes the game harder and the world bigger. I want to experience vanilla as it original was since it started from 2004 because i didn’t play it at the time, too vew quests, little flight paths, not all dungeons on launch, pre1.12 talents, too grindy, lvl 60 dungeons with 10-15 players like scholomance, etc. Sounds like it was alot of fun.

Strange these changes are comping up days before launch. Are the staff changing their minds about project’s direction in the last minute?

I wish someone who knows the detail can make a list of all the no-vanilla custom changes the staff have made, whether it a concrete change or releasing something prior to its patch, etc


I sure hope not all FP’s are available at launch. You’re right, the world will feel much bigger then. From what I had understood we were starting almost everything from the first patches except talents.

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Nailed it.

Population should be carefully curated, not set ablaze with gasoline, just to burn out too quickly.

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I don’t like the idea. Furthermore, the staff compromise makes the idea even worse as it gatekeeps the benefits of the unlimited cap to players who get to 60 early (a lot of players quit before 60 on vanilla servers, having no rested xp cap might have been an incentive to rejoin later).

Personally I’ll be logging off a bunch of alts in inns so I can get max profession characters faster (only need to go to level 35).

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