Where to look for?

Hello everyone.
I’m going to start my journey on the server tomorrow, but i was wondering where we can get addons like questie, bag addons etc for the 1.12 version?

Thank you in advance.

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Here is a big list. The main ones for me personally, i dont like to use many, are:

  1. pfQuest (it works a lot better than questie, trust me)
  2. shaguValue (shows vendorprices)
  3. Damage meter, plenty of choice - all work fine imo
  4. Atlas + Atlasquest (Especially the quests addition is nice, to see how many quests there are for the dungeon and where to pick them up)
  5. Postal

Hello @Joliene_Washington thank you so much for this small list :slight_smile: i will check those out for sure.
Is there one addon that makes class colors appear both the the chat and in the player plates so that it’s easier to distinguish the different classes?
What is Postal?

There is either 1 addon for both of those options, or 2 separate addons for each one of them.

ShaguTweaks has both (social classcolors and nameplates classcolors)
Only Social tabs class colors is addon called ColorSocialFrame
Only nameplates class colors, there are several, but most up-to-date and functioning are
ShaguPlates and Kui-Namaplates

Instead of Postal i suggest using addon called Mail you will find discription on a github itself

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This may seem idiotic of me or maybe i’m just bad at these things, i can’t make the addons work when i download from github, i don’t even know if i’m downloading those correctly.

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After downloading, extract the folder inside WoW / Interface / AddOns.


Now the .toc file inside the folder should match the folder name (WoW / Interface / AddOns / ADDONNAME / ADDONNAME.toc).

Make sure the actual addon isn’t contained inside another folder like so: ADDONNAME-master / ADDONNAME / ADDONNAME.toc


Thank you again you have been awesome with this, i’m managing to make them work now, i just can’t find Atlas + Atlasquest on the list, is it there?

Thery you go Atlas

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Thank you so much for your help @oshire i’m really sorry for all the questions.

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Cheers, and do not be sorry.


Well i need to ask just one more thing, you know that if we press “V” key we can display the enemy HP bar both for mobs and players, but that bar only pops up when we are really close, any of these addons allows to increase the distance that we see the enemy HP bar?

Nope, that is a technical limitaion by default 1.12.1 client, and while there are some modifications that allow you to do that, they all are forbidden and will trigger anticheat on Everlook. As for today that is.

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That makes sense.
I am trying to figure out out to display the classes of the players in the game chat but i can’t figure that out.

Prat, Chatmod are 2 addons that can help you with that

Try shift + click on player name on chat and let me know what you feel

I know, it’s vanilla, many here want to play WoW vanilla as it was back in the day, i know that we can shift + click to see player class and level but it’s not convenient, same as those that want to play vanilla as it was but try to use the 1.14 client.

It’s great thank you, Chatmod just does the job automatically.

I am thinking of picking mining as a profession, is there a version of gathermate that works for 1.12?

PFquest is oberall better version of it, you just use the /db mines and it will show you the locations on map just like the gatherer, but more accurate

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PF quest does that? That’s impressive. So the command is “/db mines”? I imagine that for herbs would be the same and so on?

exactly! PFquest is essentially database with everything you need.