Which bracket do you prefer?

The choice is 29-39-49

We are a group of 10 players on the alliance side, (some will level horde as well). We don t plan to reach level 60.

We expect to make one bracket active. The more the merrier.
So which bracket would you prefer to see active ?

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40-49 and 50-59 is hilarious

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problem with 50-59, is a lot of people are doing AV for rank for the 60. So a lot of the base are doing AV to maximize the honor

39 for me, more abilities but no mounts.


29 is the best Twink bracket imo.

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59 is very cool because there are so many interesting items to gather and 60s to PVP in the world.

Edit: Oops, wasn’t an option. 39 would be my 2nd choice.

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39 and 49 both good

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39 is the one I find more interesting.