Which profession will you chose for your priest?

I will chose tailoring and alchemy for start. :slight_smile:

if you go shadow priest you defo need alchemy as you will be running out of mana all the time. If your a PVP SP then engineering

if you PVE go tailoring! if pvp engineering/mining, whit tailoring you could pick any gather profession but enchanting is more providing from tailoring, that yummy bloodvine set is consired to be T2 loot, and worth of ZG enchants… they go far even in naxxramas. if you want gold pick alchemist/herbalism… as told whit tailoring u can pick any! even skinning can do the job, and those are worth lots of gold! u could kill even devilsaurs to get their leathers and sell in AH… thats worth lots of gold, if u ever got one killed, when theres devilsaur mafia around…

Tailoring / Skinning for me while leveling

Skinning > Alchemy at 60

Tailoring > Enchanting once I have my Robe / Mooncloth

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Tailoring (mandatory for truefaith) and herbalism
Keep herbalism up to date, keep the herbs. Trash tailoring once you have truefaith and go alch and level with the herbs you already send to your alt.

They have the same issue as mages, as in… tailoring is mandatory for prebis/bis.

that sounds just dope! hope you get enough cash to buy all those herbs at 60… u know you have to level it right? :slight_smile:

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if thats the plan i could say just go to tailoring / enchantig right at start, saves you lots of gold

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Selling bags while levelling and investing in abundant cheap herbs while others try to sell them at low prices should stop it being too expensive. Plus Alchemy is the easiest and quickest prof to level imo.

As for enchanting, will sent excess tailor items to bank alt to disenchant and level mostly from this.

Meanwhile skinning pays for mount while levelling and gives the leather needed for bags.