Why am I Shadowbanned? (Nobody can see my Whispers or LFM posts)

Hello. My Ingame name is Jdmdrift, for some reason no one can see my whispers or LFM posts in LFG and world channel. Nothing ingame states im banned or anything but literally i will whisper hundreds of people trying to fill a group for SM Lib and not 1 person replies to me. I confirmed it today when my buddy whispered me if i wanted to join his SM group and i replied yes and he never replied, i whispered him multiple times back and nothing. Which leads me making this post, Is there a way to find out if your banned from whispering people and from people not seeing ur messages in World and LFG chat? This is so damn annoying

Multibox a second char in the same city (to conform to the rules) and whisper between both chars.

Yup , just did that…I confirm im Shadow Banned…I dont understand why this is so damn stupid…Literally cant get groups with people cuz people dont see my whispers or LFM/LFG Posts.

Just got a message back from a GM. I was taken off mute, I dont know why i was on mute in the first place…But if anyone else is having this issue like i was open a GM ticket.

Did you say something anti communist anti left ?

No, Thats the crazy thing about it…Ive been muted since literally level 1, Could never find groups…People i would whisper would never whisper back to me. I just thought everyone was Chinese or something but IDK why i didnt make a ticket earlier…But the GM gave me no explanation of why i was muted he just simply said he took off the mute. I openned another ticket to see why i was even put on mute and that GM stated he wasnt allowed to disclose that info…