Why i leave this server and why you should too

  • More than half of the server that doesn’t write english and don’t want to try
  • Too much bots or multiboxing
  • Too much people that love breaking the game : Where is the fun making a raid for a 5m dungeons or spellcleave run all the day for xp or gold.
  • Game is broken and need a fix : Because you can exploit the game mechanics too easly to farm xp/gold, if you fix the game you fix the players behaviours too (Can BAN Farming In Dungeons?)
  • PvP will be broken as PvE now : Because you can pay people to help you to be rank 14 faster, because you can exploit the game in the same way than PvE : random afk/scripting, team optimization/automation.

I could live happy in my guild bubble and dont’t care about the rest of the server but its not like this i appreciate the game.

This server has attracted for me the worse type of “players”.
Players that doesnt like the game itself but just want to break it to make money or dominate others.

I don’t think it was the primary goal but the team don’t care as the population keep growthing.

This is why I’m leaving now and you should too.



our guild/ me also leave with 60 ppl… this serve ris the new chinese realm and open racism and toxic language in chats are ok and staff do nothing.and it’s no fun if you can’t converse with the majority of the server… quantity over quality


Im enjoying my time on the server and i dont want to leave

jea u make advertise for server on every forum 24h with tons of threads so i dont care

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Tbh I really enjoy a lot this server because it feels really alive and lots of world pvp going on! I don’t care if some ppl can’t speak or write English, I will create my party making my selection with whom I want to play with, ez.

The truth is that there will be always someone complaining for something. You don’t like it, ok leave it, we will continue our adventures in Azeroth anyway. Cheers :wave:t3::sunglasses:


until pserver get closed in 6 month or 1y and ever yprogress and invested time is gone :wink: like darrowshire

That’s still 6 months of fun.


For me it’s a different set of stuff. Personally I’m glad to see people from anywhere playing this game. If they don’t understand my language, well I don’t understand theirs either. Why is it on them to fix the problem.

Mob respawns are the big one for me. Either way too slow or, in a couple places, way way too fast (skull rock in durotar and the quarry in dun morogh are the only 2 I saw boosted). I stayed a couple weeks to see if it got fixed, looks like it won’t be. Not enough mobs means too many people fighting over them, if I wanted to contest every spawn and group every kill quest I’d play a different game. No h8 to those who enjoy that playstyle.

I thought the Nost core would prevent dungeon cleave xp groups from being practical. This doesn’t feel like Nost core to me, dungeons feel way easier, maybe that’s me remembering wrong and maybe it wouldn’t have mattered. I think the cleave groups are bad for server community, and I think easier dungeons encourage stupid play in general.

The resource nodes are a mess, never seen them this bad on any other server. Ridiculous.

Agree about the bots.

Classic was a bad pserver with new, correct data about certain things. I’ve been hoping we’d get a good pserver in the aftermath, although I think the damage classic did to the community probably means it doesn’t matter. For me this isn’t it. For those who like it, enjoy, not saying you’re wrong. Leaving this here in case any of it helps the devs at all.

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Someone post the EXIT / DRAMATIC EXIT meme.

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staff dont understand when server has 3-4x of the capacity of 2005 vanilla server, it need 2-3x times ressource respawn etc…

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wow a stranger mental retarded weeb… dont care


thanks, anime avatar, for the clear example of “the damage classic did to the community.”

all the chats are full of mean-spirited lames now… be a lame or be mean-spirited ok, but it’s an ugly combination. Like the murloc presence in elwynn, it drives decent folk away.

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i’ve seen 0 bot so far cleanest server I’ve seen since the early vanilla days

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i haven’t seen a bot either

You’re absolutely right and why I also left the server after only 2 weeks. This server is another prime example of greed because they would rather have more server traffic from China instead of catering to a NA/EU crowd who are deterred by the chinese influx that ruins the MMO aspect to this game. Blizzard WoW never had chinese players on NA/EU clients, so this is just another new low in the pserver scene.


You should care because china is the majority of the server, meaning 50% or more of the players you interact with will not be able to communicate. This is an MMO, a multiplayer experience. Your experience will suffer as a result, not even blizzard stooped to this level of retardation by allowing chinese on US/EU servers…

Well we must remember how whitekidney abandons projects once the money dries up. Already he missed an honor reset after the first week, and only spent time making dynamic respawns up until level 30, which isn’t even half the content on the way to level 60.

It’s just another scam artist doing their magic, and soaking up the money while their product suffers and will cause them long term failure because they choose short term gain each and every time.

i dont really need to talk that much with players i interact with tbh, whether questing together or pvp. that said i have had no problem communicating with players in general. Having players from around the world is a awesome plus that you can’t find elsewhere because the server is always populated around the clock, along with being highly populated in general which is a major reason to play the server. Your scam allegations are dusty because there isn’t even money made here, not that such work doesn’t deserve any compensation. I feel like players who don’t like populated realms are probably players who don’t like wpvp tbh.

Blizzard doesn’t manage their servers well btw, there are usually servers dead immediately at the start and one big server that has a lowish population when it’s not prime time, and then they might resort to awkward transfers. Obviously they are layered realms as well, and with default low view distance unlike here. Wow is a game that you can play easily with higher ping so it makes perfect sense for international servers to exist. Pros and cons.

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I completely agree with you :+1:t3: well said