World of Warcraft's War on Innocent Players: How I Became a Victim of the RMT Banwave from Hell

Hello GM:

My rogue account is turbo, and my character named Huier was blocked by mistake. The reason is Real Money Trading Reason: RMT Banwave [Real Money Trading]. But I have always played by myself, and I have not traded coins with other players. It can be seen from the background records that all gold coins are earned from the auction house when doing business skills, bit by bit. I got a whole set of equipment, and even saved Crowe and Hanzo for level 50.

And I broadcast live at bilibili, 哔哩哔哩直播,二次元弹幕直播平台, as long as it is online, it will be broadcast, and it will be played under the supervision of the audience. It is impossible to have RMT behavior. Please help me to find out what caused it. Can it be unblocked, thank you!
I have another druid named Emmilly, I also use common game mail to send items between my two accounts, I owe all my two accounts, same pwd and same logon ipaddr, not the ridiculous RMT. How can I make a REAL trade between me and myself? Even if a ridiculous putting item from left to right hand can called MONEY TRADE, then there will not be any poverty all over the world, everyone can increase the state GDP by just lying in bed. I used to play about 6 hours per day , more than 50h/week , to be a good player. however now after u banned my rogue account, i could not have any idea or interest to be online anymore. I know there will be one day always coming everyone must say goodbye to warcraft, but i did not expected the day comes in such a ridiculous unfair way. If your team ban players in such a way, and i also found there’s so much players were defined as RMT by your community, I think I must reconsider to call back my respect. There is more questions after last few weeks you restart the server, like data roll back or NPCs or monsters disappear suddenly during peak times. I did not see the condition come any better, I joined the discord and discuss with the community and friends in game, I used to like the everlook, however the ridiculous RMT make me change my mind, your whole team seems like have more time and more patient or more interest in torturing players more than improve the server or hit the real gold farmers. I feel angry and deception .

——A sincere player until last week, maybe not anymore.

Dear GM,

I hope this email finds you in good spirits, or at least better spirits than my poor Huier, who has been blocked by mistake. The culprit? Real Money Trading, or as I like to call it, the RMT Banwave from Hell. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “This guy must be some kind of gold farmer, trying to pull a fast one on us.” But I assure you, I am as pure as the freshly fallen snow on Mount Everest.

You see, all of my gold coins were earned fair and square from the auction house, one bit at a time. I even saved Crowe and Hanzo for level 50. And if that’s not enough proof of my innocence, I broadcast live on bilibili, under the watchful eye of my adoring fans. I mean, how can I be RMT-ing when I’m busy entertaining the masses?

And let’s not forget about poor Emmilly, my druid. Yes, I do use common game mail to send items between my two accounts, but come on now, is that really RMT-ing? If it is, then I must be the Bill Gates of World of Warcraft, making money hand over fist by simply transferring items from left to right hand.

I used to play for 6 hours a day, more than 50 hours a week, to be a top-notch player. But now that my rogue account has been unjustly banned, I have lost all interest in playing. I mean, why bother when the system is rigged against me? It’s enough to make a grown man cry. And don’t even get me started on the recent server issues. Data rollbacks, disappearing NPCs and monsters, oh my! It’s like you guys are trying to drive us all insane.

Look, I used to love Everlook, but now I’m not so sure. If this is how you treat your loyal players, then I think it’s time for me to reconsider my options. Maybe I’ll take up knitting or something. At least then I won’t have to worry about being accused of RMT-ing.

Sincerely yours (for now),

A disillusioned former player.

Not wrong ban.

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couldnt read through all but i really liked what i read lol “But I assure you, I am as pure as the freshly fallen snow on Mount Everest.” cannot not love that <3 :wink:

as for bans, i do have a fellow guild member who was banned and now i see him back online… didnt bother to ask the whole situation with him, but when u ban and then unban some ppl, it makes u wonder lol

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