wowThe most heinous bug in 2004-2023, with a 100% increase in damage!

Dear Everlook Server Manager.

As an elderly person who started playing WOW in 2005, thank EVERLOOK for giving me the opportunity to experience passion and memories again. Thank you.

But I encountered an unbearable bug in the game,

It’s like finding a dead mouse in a delicious dinner.

Rogue skill Expose Armor, ID: 11198, when the player’s armor is reduced to 0.

When a physical attack occurs, “Vulnerable” will appear? How do you translate this?

Effect: Increases physical damage by 100%, which allows Krol Blade, a level 51 weapon, to do more damage than MAXX’s Misplaced Servo Arm!

Are there any bugs that are more excessive than this?

Recently, the server has repaired the vulnerability of spells,

However, physical vulnerability still exists, and we hope to repair it as soon as possible.

At the same time, report the player: Vivianseven, who has been using this bug for a long time, and spread the bug through live streaming. GM can check his combat records, hoping to punish the profiteers of this bug。

Sorry, correction. The Rogue id: viviseven in the screenshot, as a long-term bug profiteer, hopes to severely punish him

In addition, did lv3 Serrated Blades ID: 14173 jointly contribute to this damage enhancement bug?

@bluedolphin :sleeping:

this is already reported to GM before but looks like it still get no fixed. I will redirect to them then.

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@whitekidney @Correct @BullyMully @bluedolphin @Irenicus @Yonomori @Radiixx
I hope my poor English has not caused everyone to overlook this bug!

I submitted the report on March 31st and as of today, I see no signs of a possible solution

I can only say that there is a huge gap between this and my understanding of WOW

Even ridiculous

Blinding is not a good choice. If you do not have the ability to fix it, then please prohibit using bugs

GM can publish announcements and punish users of bugs

Isn’t this taken for granted

Please do not ignore and torment normal wower.