Yanglaoyuan people steal my stuff

Time: 21:00-23:00 Beijing Time, January 18, 2023

Location: Upper floors of the Black Stone Tower

Leader: yanglaoyuan Member ID: Coolwind Occupation: Hunter

My ID: Rongyao

At that time, I rolled a shield and the blood of the Black dragon warrior. At last, the captain asked other members who did not ROLL the items to leave the team. Then he told us that he could not specify the whereabouts of the items at the client of 1.14. We need to open the free pickup so that we can take the rolled items by ourselves, but he picked them up before I finished taking the items, the reason given is that his client has one-button pickup function, later I scanned him in the China channel to hack my things, I put the picture below for the reason given, later I found the chairman of yanglaoyuan Association to solve this matter, The offer was to take me to the Black Stone Tower, and I refused. My solution was to kick the Coolwind equipment stealer out of his guild. Until the incident happened, the chairman of yanglaoyuan Association has not kicked Coolwind out of the meeting, so as to shield this person. He said in the Douyin broadcast room of the chairman of yanglaoyuan Association that he would report me and hope GM to investigate this matter. The behavior of stealing equipment is despicable and intolerable.

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If a player makes a mistake and wants to leave the guild, it is obviously ridiculous. Who can’t make mistakes, and the player and the president have given remedies. Can you think of better remedies. So you are finding fault