Your PTR experiences

Thanks to those who already contribute their time to the project by joining the tests!

Is it possible to provide somewhat of a sneak peek for those like myself, who only observe at this point? Can you share your experiences? What is your general impression, how have different processes been handled, what’s communication like or the game itself? The good, the bad, your perception basically. Help paint a picture, help others to get a grasp for what is going on with the server so far.


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The PTR is generally just there for testing. Those who haven’t played nor have any interest in playing the PTR are not missing much. It’s a decent population for a testing realm, but don’t let that make you think the server is “dead.”

It’s good to play for a little bit to scratch that itch you have to just play a little but not waste too much brain power or energy. I think it’s a good place to chill and test some quests and lower level dungeons.

The PTR felt fine for me when I played it. I didn’t notice any big bugs or issues - but I only got to the early teens before I stopped to save my energy for the official launch.

Enjoying my time so far on the PTR playing a hunter

I made it to level 6


I legit leveled a warrior up to 23 before the govt XP/gold stimmy checks came in the mail. Then I lost all motivation to play.

For me part of the fun is earned progression. That doesn’t exist when you’re given full bis, infinite gold, and the promise of further XP boosts in the future so I’ve mostly hung up my PTR spurs for the time being.

But from what I saw things looked pretty legit. I definitely didn’t see any kind of game breaking bugs outside of hearing about high level NPC assassins terrorizing Southshore. Staff have been VERY quick to respond to bug reports if you submitted one in the everlook github bug tracker. I’m pumped AF for the real deal :smiley:


Thats what PTRs all about. The best thing to do is to legit make bug happen rather then just have a litol lvling, and all these things given to u, are to, so to say, “stress test”. Tho i highly up with u on that lust to have a decent experience on LEGIT vanilla. Sorry for making non-sence.

everything is great so far besides infinite gold, that part sux hard but it is what it is
haven’t noticed any major bugs on OPEN PTR
we dealt with that shit in CLOSED PTR :stuck_out_tongue:

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Aside from missing RP, haven’t run into non-working quest yet, but haven’t tried some of the infamous ones that used to never work in any server like the Desolace Caravan escorts.

Closest thing to a game-breaking bug was the Shadowy Assassins in Southshore. They have apparently bribed guards to not intervene when they attack innocent players and even some town NPCs. It should be fixed this weekend, once devs get to restarting the server to apply updates.

You go to an appropriate quest hub as level 30 player and get jumped on by two level 37-38 mobs. You think, “I can at least escape from these two” but more keep spawning until you have five or even more gangbanging you.

They weren’t even limited to a single specific spot that you could avoid/go around. First time they attacked me at the town square, later I resurrected after dying to murlocs and was greeted by spawn-camping Shadowy Assassins.


i still encourage people to continue playing the PTR and find bugs

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The reason for boosting at different level variables is to find & correct bugs, in instances, most quests have been fixed for years.

I mean I understand the reasoning for doing so, I’m just saying that fun is a bigger motivator for me to bug hunt. I personally don’t feel any great motivation to hunt for bugs unless I’m also having fun while I’m doing it too :v:

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I’m new to Vanilla so for me it was good to see the differences between Vanilla and Classic. I never knew some QoL mechanics that I took for granted in Classic were not yet there in Vanilla. Also the Addons and Macros work differently. If you’ve never played vanilla and if you want to come prepared, spend some time on the PTR!

The community is great - people are very helpful and respond immediately to any questions. Looking forward to launch!


Same. Awaiting launch now, and playing with talent calculators on Classic Talent Calculator - Classic World of Warcraft and writing up every important piece of info in a document like leveling route, spec, etc. so I’m well prepared for launch.

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Hello, how to access to the PTR? Is the same process than 1.12 Client Config and In-Game Settings for New Installs and Users - #4 by St369 ?

Thanks by advance

No one said about the lag so ll say it: Its Great… im having 140ms which for me is above normal even for BLizzard Servers… im using “Exit Lag” by the way to a tunnel for London.


was in game yesterday did do some WSG and T3 dropped, outside ogrimmar duelling and “wall” the GM came there as paladin he did throw me another side of durotar by attacking him :smiley: well, we had nice duels against him whit peoples… he i can say, is really skilled, kinda just chating revert all cooldowns whit paladin to one duel xD well, real duel u have all your character can give… GG @wall ! im sure server is going to be whit skilled devolpers, we dont have to warry about. :slight_smile: peace!