Zep bug disconnection 1.14


I have a bug getting into zep from UC to GromGol or the opposite with the 1.14 client.
When i get on the zep im keeping getting sent to the char selection page.

I dont have any problems with the other zeps just these ones.

I dont know if You can do anything about that but its kinda annoying.

Hoping You can fix it guys,


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Hey, we don’t support 1.14 client at all i’m afraid. Try to use 1.12.1 client.


As @BullyMully mentioned, we do not support the 1.14 client. Using it is on your own risk and we can’t guarantee how anti-cheat is going to handle the client in the future. Therefore, we highly recommend using the 1.12 client.

However, this problem was already reported by the community:

The best thing you can do is issue your complaint/feedback directly to the Hermes Proxy developers on their GitHub page.

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