Forum Rules

  1. Project staff are responsible for keeping the forums a productive place to discuss our project. Please respect all staff, including GMs, Devs, SysOps, Mods, and CMs, and follow staff direction.

  2. Please keep all chat in English. The following topics or chat conduct will not be tolerated:
    → Racism
    → Sexism
    → Politics
    → Religion
    → Violence
    → Sexual Orientation Slurs
    → Hate Speech of ANY kind
    → Drugs and any illegal or illicit activity.
    ​→ Sex & Obscenity

  3. Excessive derogatory/explicit language or malicious personal attacks.

  4. We applaud those who provide us with constructive criticism. We take our community’s tips and ideas very seriously, but criticism with the sole intent to criticize or “troll” will not be tolerated. If you wish to express an opinion or concern in any way shape or form, please do so in a civil manner.

  5. Do not spread information relating to the server, or provide information relating to the server if it has not already been included or stated in an official announcement or an official statement from an Everlook Staff member.

  6. Calling out, or posts with the sole intention of starting witch hunts for specific players will not be tolerated. Posts such as these will be considered spam and will be dealt with as such.

  7. Impersonation of Everlook Staff is a serious offense. If you encounter this behaviour on any of our platforms, please notify an Everlook Staff member immediately via Discord.

  8. Inappropriate links of any kind are strictly prohibited.

  9. Advertisement of any product, service or company is not permitted at any time in any of the chats.

  10. Spam or overuse of copy/pasta and emojis that disrupts the flow of chat is not permitted.

  11. Everlook reserves the right to take action on accounts for ANY reason, even if not covered in these rules. These rules may also be updated without notice at any time.