2.12 bwl items dispeared

hello my dear gm form everlook. I am parathrum,the raid leader of RPG.

at 2.12 we had a BWL run.(id=459) but unluckily,cause the sever been attacked so we lost lootting.

may u guys repair them,and sent items to the raidplayers by gamemail.

we reroll the lost items after all raid run finished.

biubow 专注指环
oliie 奥术精准
charmmonkey 术士t2衣服
mushiy 牧师t2衣服
evolutionol 阴谋饰物
xtoray 暗影烈焰长靴

Greetings! To initiate the item restoration process, kindly submit a in-game ticket. Make sure to include the exact date/time of the raid, an unedited video capture of the entire encounter, a visible raid tab that shows everyone in the raid, the Raid ID, and the output of the /time command from the server.

ok i will check it,and link them here.

needs some times