About the Battle Song Battlefield and the Arashi Battlefield

I recently discovered that members of the Horde are using certain characters to queue for Alliance battlegrounds but are not actually entering them, resulting in a disadvantage for the Alliance. These characters haven’t earned much honor within a week but continue to queue for battlegrounds. Because they don’t enter the battlegrounds, they don’t become Deserters, leading to a high win rate for the Horde inside the battlegrounds. This allows players to farm honor points, consequently disrupting the game balance.

Met them again today.We always end up with fewer players when facing them, and the matches end quickly. It seems like they’ve found a way to farm honor.

We always have fewer players at the start of the battleground when Kiyotaka is present.

Tribal honor brushes really fast, and the alliance should also operate like this.
Tribes can be swiped in 6 minutes, and the average honor of tribes and alliances this week will be much worse

Oh, my God. Look at the score.

Look at the alliance and the horde.Loopholes in this mechanism


seems like that Premade team in particular is abusing the queue in a very complex way. The GMs will need to investigate deeply. I suspect some multiboxing with alliance characters.

I will forward this to the GMs. Thank you for the report.

I hope your management can handle this well, otherwise everyone can do this

It’s the same problem

Battle songs are even more serious