Accidentally chose the wrong quest rewarding epic item

Dear GM,

I’m sorry for the trouble. My Character’s name is Lastofus. On about 9:10 am of 30th Dec, 2023, I Accidentally Chose the worng rewarding quest given by Anachronos at Tanaris Desert, which are 3 of them: ‘The Path of the Protector’, ‘The Path of the Conqueror’ and ‘The Path of the Invoker’. And I made a wrong choice of the quest ‘The Path of the Protector’ that rewarding me a preist a ‘Signet Ring of the Bronze Dragonflight’, whose Attribute rewards are for the tank player. That’s exactly a disaster for me. Since the ring is epic and so much important for a caster player, so I sincerely beg you please would you help me to undo the quest selecting, which should be ‘The Path of the Invoker’, rewarding the ‘Signet Ring of the Bronze Dragonflight’ which has the attribute ‘Increase Spell Dam’ and ‘Increased Mana Regen’? That would be the correct choice for a preist palyer. If it’s possible I would be so much obliged! God bless you all and thank you for the great jobs ever!


Greetings. When you hit exalted you have the option to get a quest to change it.