Announcing Everlook Asia!

Greetings Adventurers!

We have some big news regarding our Project and the future of Everlook! This plan has been in motion for a few months now, however we’re finally ready to take the final steps and announce this exciting move!

Recent changes in the private server scene have given us some insight into the player base outside of Europe, and the large amount of players looking to experience Vanilla WoW. Given that fact, we are happy to announce we will be launching a new FRESH realm - Everlook Asia!

This new realm will be the first of its kind to be hosted in Hong Kong, and should offer our Asian players a high quality, low ping experience on Everlook Asia. We intend to offer custom content on this server while still being as true to vanilla as possible.

A few quick notes about Everlook Asia:
⦁ This will be a FRESH Server & Realm
⦁ There will be NO transfers from Everlook Europe (EE) to Everlook Asia (EA)
⦁ We will be running SOME custom content such as Hardcore Mode on EA. This is still being fleshed out more but expect some upcoming announcements soon
⦁ The core and database values (Light’s Hope Difficulty) will still be the same on EA, however with custom content down the road it will take a slightly different direction from EE
⦁ Right now our team is recruiting professional Chinese speaking staff for us to provide the same quality experience in terms of support & in-game assistance
⦁ Everlook Asia will have a completely separate website (similar to EE) due to restrictions in China. This will be online in the next few days
⦁ This realm MAY be available in about a week however the timeline is not 100% so there is no official launch date yet. Keep an eye here for more information

What does this mean for Everlook Europe?
⦁ Everlook Europe will continue to operate & be developed/managed by our existing Staff Team
⦁ Everlook Asia will be managed by a native-speaking Chinese Team, along with some guidance from the Europe Team
⦁ We will continue our development efforts on Everlook Europe and our timeline will continue to progress as scheduled
⦁ Although some of you may be worried about how this will effect Everlook Europe’s population, we actually expect our population to increase across both realms

The Everlook Team is very excited for this new adventure and we hope that this brings a lot of joy for our Asian community. We will keep you updated as we work on our back-end to support this major step. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask our Staff Members through the proper channels.


pls asap thx a lot

Looking forward to the future

Welcome to Asia, we are very looking forward to this server. I want to know if the hard core mode means that the server is PVE? PVP needs to be manually enabled.

This is a good question!

I do not have the full answer for your yet but I will discuss this feedback with our Team and give a formal response in the near future.

Is this a PVP server???

Yes, this will be a PVP Server!
But Hardcore Mode PvP deaths will not affect your progress!

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Can I use 1.14.x client on everlook Asia server?

Yes, 1.14 will be fully supported on Everlook Asia!

Looking forward to whether there is a specific time

Will talent improve? Everlook Asia。

Very exciting news!