Ask for help

Dear Administrator: I Am an World of Warcraft player. Since World of Warcraft in China is out of business, I have come to everlook, and I am very lucky that everlook can continue to bring me fast, i also got to know a group of friends who are also passionate about world of Warcraft. I’ve been working with everlook for almost a year now and have recorded every single good moment it has ever given me. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the Staff of the Shadow Flame while I was cleaning out the trash. It is me and my teammates to work hard in exchange for a staff, everything is my negligence, carelessness caused by the result. Now ask the administrator to help me restore it, if the administrator denied my request I also understand. Once again, a sincere plea!

Sorry but we can’t help with the restoration in this case. Regarding the restoration policy, you can refer to: Terms of Use Everlook