Ask if legendary items can support props

Paladin Saierda received Eye of Sulfuras on the previous CD.

As is well known, it is difficult to produce Sulfuron Hammer alone.

Is it possible for other accounts to provide material support in this situation? Will it be banned?

Oh, the support person is also my account, with the character name Fengxiaoxiao. GM can confirm by comparing the account IDs, and the two account IDs are very similar

圣骑士saierda在上个CD获得萨弗拉斯之眼( Eye of Sulfuras)。
总所周知, 萨弗隆战锤( Sulfuron Hammer)很难单人制作出来。

Greetings. Transferring items to your own account without engaging in RMT is allowed, as long as it’s within the game’s guidelines.

These two roles are located on two accounts, and I think I need to report them