BG Queue bug

  1. Queing into BGs, getting a que pop and playing a game results in a situation where you get “kicked” from the other battleground queues you were in. Client shows that you stay in the queue where as in reality you are not (it shows that you are qued for WSG or AV or whatever, but you wont ever get a que pop). You are also unable to leave to queue but clicking the queue icon and clicking “leave queue”. Only solution is to relog which results in you being in queue for “Eastern Kingdoms” but making you able to queue for bgs again. How it is currently, you basicly have to relog after every battleground to leave the “ghost queue” you are in to be able to que for more battlegrounds.
    Steps to reproduce:
    -Que BG
    -Play it
    -Be stuck in “ghost queue”
    -Relog (because you are forced to if you want to que more bgs)

Got deserter whilst having the “ghost queue” and left WSG que to que from portal instead of darnassus too.

Has been fixed.