Can not logon game!

Suddenly unable to logon the game, last night the situation was normal.
I use the WinterspringLauncher(Version: 2023-08-12 1.5.0) to logon the game and my game version is 1.14.2.
Hope to help me solve this problem soon, thank you!!!

I changed the serve address.

Looks right! Try using to see if it works however your settings seem correct.

tried,still cannot logon

Today, I used WinterspringLauncher to connect to the game and was prompted for an update to arctium launcher. I suspect it may be due to this update that I am unable to log in. Below is the updated content of arctium launcher. Please check with the administrator. Allow connections to servers that come with already patched clients. · Arctium/WoW-Launcher@7570591 · GitHub

hi,could U help us to check with the administrator via email?Thank you!

Try looking for an option in the launcher called “SkipConnectionPatching” or something similar and enable it. Otherwise I’m not sure how I can help as we do not support their software.