Hello, I am the only non-official representative in VK Everlook.org | VK of the Russian-speaking Everlook community, and for unknown reasons, I was thrown out of your Discord community and now I can’t log in there
with my Nickname mr_elio

Greetings. Your account is banned for sharing a link posing to be Everlook, while asking for donations.

we do not pretend to be an official community, and we do not sell anything, we do not ask for a donation, it is on a voluntary basis as our work in the group

we help newcomers solve problems on the turnaround, help find guilds and groups for playing together, discuss the server population, and popularize that Russian people would play on it.I think it’s strange to ban when we help you on a turnaround

This is contrary:

I am very sorry that you are against us helping you, and people are thanking us for our help, because we are not an official community and none of the official representatives pays us for this, with the help of our group we have helped many people, brought many Russian-speaking people, if you think that people are grateful Thank you for our help in the game, then I’m sorry that you don’t want to understand us

Unfortunately we aren’t going to allow you to earn donations from our project. Your “work” is your "work. We dont endorse it, and we wont allow you to advertise it.

ok, I deleted all the links related to the donation

@Mememully - thoughts?

Yeah fine