Equipment recovery 装备恢复

Hello GM, the server time is around 14:40 on October 26, 2023. At that time, my team assigned Nefarian’s axe to me. But the server is offline and backlogged. My axe is gone. Can I recover it?

Greetings, please provide the video of the encouter.

III. Character/Currency/Item restoration
Everlook staff can’t guarantee the recovery of any lost or deleted characters. We have a limited ability to restore deleted characters and will do so if possible but it is by no means 100%.

Game items such as experience, gold or equipment that you have lost through accident, very rare failure of the server, or otherwise, cannot be restored. There are two exceptions to this:

    Unique quest items or keys can be restored with sufficient evidence that the player had previously obtained them.
    Raid items with the rarity of Epic and above can be restored in the case of a server crash/roll-back, providing an in-game ticket is sent to us which fulfills the following conditions:

        a) Exact date of the raid;
        b) Video of complete encounter which also shows the raid ID, loot and complete list of raid members;
        c) Name of the player who received or should have received the item.

More information regarding item restoration requests can be found in our FAQ post regarding item restorations.