Error #1346284464 (0000000000) File I/O error

Hi. I downloaded the 1.14 Classic version via Everlook launcher. Wow does not open, and that window pops up.

“Error #1346284464 (0000000000) File I/O error.”

It seems you’re encountering a File I/O error with the error code “Error #1346284464 (0000000000)” when trying to launch the 1.14 Classic version via the Everlook launcher. This type of error can occur for a variety of reasons, such as corrupted game files, disk issues, memory problems, permission issues, or conflicts with security software.

  1. Repair Game Files
  2. Check Disk
  3. Update Drivers
  4. Memory Check
  5. Security Software
  6. Run as Administrator
  7. Reinstall the Game

Hello again,

I noticed that my Everlook folder is marked as “Read-only,” and I cannot uncheck the “Read-only” box.
My solution was to check the “Run as administrator” box, but now the Everlook launcher is downloading some files again. In 20 minutes, I’ll know if that works.

In the meantime, do you know any way to uncheck the “Read-only” box? I’m the administrator of this computer, as I’m the only account that uses it.

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Quick update:

It worked
tysm <3

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