Everlook | Client Information

  1. Everlook Client Information Everlook Launcher | Officially Supported Everlook offers its own launcher which includes versions:

1.12.1 (Vanilla)
1.14.2 (Classic)
3.3.5 (Wrath of the Lich King)

Download link: https://everlook.b-cdn.net/launcher/EVLauncher.exe
Latest Version :

Already have WoW installed?
Simply place the launcher beside your WoW.exe and launch it for a quick install
Choose the folder where you have WoW currently installed and the launcher will auto-detect all of your settings and configurations.
Not installed yet?
Simply open the launcher and select the version of WoW, and where you want the files to be installed!

Please note that your WoW.exe folder location can be changed in the settings!

Additional Features
VanillaFixes is available to be enabled via the settings. This is a .dll that offers better graphics handling inside the 1.12 client. Everlook does not develop or own this software so please use at your own discretion.

You can choose your favourite proxy! The launcher offers an option of using Hermes Proxy or Sugar Proxy.

This launcher will auto-update itself and any client files as needed. No more need to add complicated files to your computer - its all done automatically!

If you do not see any news or server status when you open the launcher, your firewall is likely blocking the connection. Please ensure you add this file to your firewall/anti-virus exception list before use as its functionality can incorrectly alert some antivirus software. You can find clean virus scan results below. This scan has 1 false positive which is widely regarded as normal results for safe software: VirusTotal