Everlook Zuge copy leader redloust warrior RMT tiger incident, with pictures and truth

The first picture is the team configuration.

The second picture is a tiger, and the head of the regiment asked the whole regiment to get the highest roll point in the voice chat software.

In the third picture, the highest roll point is 98 points for Tiyu soldiers, while 44 points for Yueruru thieves.

After that, the team leader waited for 2 minutes without talking. The team leader directly distributed the tiger to Yueruru, a thief at roll Point 44, and then said that 100 yuan red envelopes would be sent to everyone in the group for a while.


The first avatar REDL … and the third avatar DZ-Yu … are managed by him in a WeChat group.

This is DZ-Yueruru’s WeChat and WeChat avatar.

This incident was premeditated. After the incident, Redloust, the head of the group, sent a red envelope to everyone in the WeChat group.


Thanks, we will take a look.

你好 这名玩家已经被永久封号制裁 感谢你的举报