Further Appeal for Banned Account

Dear GM,
My account Lucisalpo (email: [email protected]) was banned because of suspected fishbooting.
Although, I have appealed with my rationales twice, but the GM team rejected.
Here, i won’t make too many excuses.
If there have been any inappropriate actions before, please give me a chance to make improvements.
I guarantee that there will never be any inappropriate behavior that affects the game atmosphere in the future.
I really miss the hunter role. The name is unique for me and she is already level 40.
Please give me a favor to release it.
Thanks really a lot in advance.

Dear GM,
Any reply?

Greetings. We don’t handle ban appeal here. Please submit it through: https://everlook.org/profile

Thanks for your reply.
I have already appealed via the link you attached.
But, it was denied.
And I cannot click the button of the Appeal any more.
That’s why i apply here.
Could you please kindly help on this issue ?

We value each player’s appeal; however, unbanning is solely handled through https://everlook.org/profile. We understand the difficulties you faced with your appeal, and we regret that it was denied. Unfortunately, we cannot offer assistance here. Apologize for any inconvenience.