I can't login the game,show "Invalid username or password"

I’m using 1.14.2 client to play in the Europe Server. Today I got the notification in the game that I should change the realmlist adr. to logon. everlook-wow. org, and I changed realmlist as mentioned in the “winterspring-launcher-config” file, and Now I can’t login in the game client, it show “invalid username or password”, The network adr. showing in the Command Window is still asia. everlook-wow. net.
How could I solve this problem? THX

“ConfigVersion”: 1,
“GitRepoWinterspringLauncher”: “0blu/WinterspringLauncher”,
“GitRepoHermesProxy”: “WowLegacyCore/HermesProxy”,
“GitRepoArctiumLauncher”: “Arctium/WoW-Launcher”,
“WindowsGameDownloadUrl”: “default”,
“MacGameDownloadUrl”: “default”,
“GamePatcherUrl”: “default”,
“HermesProxyPath”: “./hermes-proxy”,
“GamePath”: “./game-client”,
“ArctiumLauncherPath”: “./arctium-launcher”,
“RecreateDesktopShortcut”: false,
“AutoUpdateThisLauncher”: false,
“Realmlist”: “logon. everlook-wow. org”

this is my setting in the “winterspring-launcher-config” file.