I don't have RMT. GM, you were taken advantage of by those with intentions

I am a Red Warrior and I do not have an RMT. I just helped my sister complete a task of wanting to ride a tiger. The whistleblower is a despicable person. Using a screenshot of an untrue red envelope on the second day to record and slander it as selling red envelopes from a group of tigers.

I admit that I was wrong about the group tiger incident. I privately asked TIYU via WeChat if they could give the tiger to their sister within 2 minutes after the ROLL point ended, and it was confirmed that the tiger that should have been given to TIYU was given to Yululu. The fact that I paid for it. But. TIYU Dayi refused directly and did not charge me a penny.

I also raised the issue of setting up a WeChat group to send 200 RMB red envelopes to 17 members of the entire group. But in the end. I didn’t send it. Because of concerns about affecting the RMT rules of E-server… That means I don’t actually have RMT behavior






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You’re right, I’m not asking GM to unseal my number, I’m just asking GM to unseal innocent numbers, my number will be unsealed, as if he’s guilty, I never asked to unseal my number, last night in front of GM, I also admitted that I wanted to give money, but Tiyu did not want the matter, you are so confused, even I said this morning, immediately screenshot to report, it is hard enough

In essence, I do want to give money. But because Tiyu did not want. I didn’t give into money… So I don’t constitute RMT per se. You Can’t say I’m thinking about killing people . But I didn’t actually kill anyone, so they convicted me. I just had that idea, but the actual situation was that they didn’t send out a single cent and confiscated it, , , , also, from the beginning to the end, I admitted to beating people and punished them, and I was banned, i can accept why not intercept a few more, and, you purposely put the BWL red envelope as selling red tiger red envelope, cheat GM what is your intention

I do not cry for my own number and my sister’s number, Feng Feng closed, I can re-practice. Also, as a girl’s chat record, I am unlikely to send up, even if he can let me unlock the account, as he is guilty as charged. I have accepted my punishment. The only thing I want GM to help me with right now is to unseal the account of JCY, the guy who doesn’t have anything to do with It


I stand with yiduoxiaohonghua , evidence is obvious .