I don't have RMT., you were taken advantage of by those with intentions

I am a Red Warrior and I do not have an RMT. I just helped my sister complete a task of wanting to ride a tiger. The whistleblower is a despicable person. Using a screenshot of an untrue red envelope on the second day to record and slander it as selling red envelopes from a group of tigers.

I admit that I was wrong about the group tiger incident. I privately asked TIYU via WeChat if they could give the tiger to their sister within 2 minutes after the ROLL point ended, and it was confirmed that the tiger that should have been given to TIYU was given to Yululu. The fact that I paid for it. But. TIYU Dayi refused directly and did not charge me a penny.

I also raised the issue of setting up a WeChat group to send 200 RMB red envelopes to 17 members of the entire group. But in the end. I didn’t send it. Because of concerns about affecting the RMT rules of E-server… That means I don’t actually have RMT behavior

I have been working diligently with this game since about a year ago. I have never done anything that violates the rules of the E-server game, but I admit that there was a mistake in the Tiger incident. But there is no RMT

Chinese game management is banned as a child’s play. Just because others in the group make me more rational and ignore small people. Just ban someone else’s account… What a great power. Note that this person JCY did not participate in the formation of the Tiger League, and none of the 17 people received any red envelopes

This despicable little man clearly knows that this red envelope has nothing to do with the tiger. But he uses GM like fools.

I admit there was a mistake in the Tiger incident, but it’s not because of RMT, it’s because of my unfair distribution. Seal my account and I accept punishment

But GM, are you willing to be used by such despicable people to be treated like a fool in the eyes of others. For such a scammer. Are you not handling it at all?

I unfairly assigned my account, and even another warrior account that was not involved in this incident was also blocked, and I accepted it calmly…

But this whistleblower deceived you like fools. Are you really not going to handle it?

Also, could you please unblock JCY? He just joined a group with me and he didn’t participate in the Tiger incident. He didn’t receive a red envelope or even join this group during that time period, so he was banned. I feel very remorseful., Please kindly request GM to handle it