I forgot the email I filled in when I registered my account

In order to purchase mounts and items in the mall, I could not log in to the account and the credentials were incorrect.
Please help me to tell me how to log in to the account to buy items in the mall

Dear game master, if you can see the post, you can help me deal with my problem, which has troubled me for a long time

I can log in to the game, but not the website. I want to buy something in the mall, but the website keeps reminding me that my credentials are wrong. I can actually log in and play the game. But in order to have a better game experience, I want to buy some items in the mall.

Greetings. So you mean there is no way for you to receive any code sent to that email? Unfortunately if we can’t confirm that you are the owner of this email, we will be unable to provide you with the email address.