I have encountered a game currency

I have encountered a game currency problem. My game name is Nepali. I got a natural resistance snake ring in the dungeon. Its attribute is 18 points of natural resistance. I put it on the auction house for 49 gold coins, but it was After the buyer bought it, I only got 10 gold coins. May I ask the administrator, is this a game error? The picture is of the money I got from selling the items, and this isn’t the first time this has happened

你好 看起来没问题 检查是不是你在拍卖挂错了价格

I am very sure that I did not list the wrong price, it was 49 gold coins. Before that, I hung an ice ring for 80 gold coins. Others only gave me 10 gold coins after buying it. Please investigate clearly. Thank you.

There’s nothing to investigate, please watch your prices carefully and don’t use broken addons. Cheers.

I am absolutely certain that the price I listed—100gold coins—was accurate. I hung an ice ring for 110 gold coins before that. After purchasing it, others just offered me 10 gold coins. Please conduct thorough research. I’m grateful.