I think his behavior should be punished, and I'm reporting it

Hello administrator

I need to report several RMT players, and this player has serious violations of multiple opening, which I only discovered by chance

Last week when I was collecting in the wild, I encountered a player who was at the location where the Black Lotus appeared. We waited nearby and waited for the Black Lotus to appear. About 10 minutes later, the Black Lotus appeared. However, as his movements were faster than mine, I did not collect it. I asked him if he could sell the Black Lotus to me, and I could give him a fair price. He asked me how many Black Lotus he wanted, and I asked him how many Black Lotus he had. If the price was suitable, I could purchase more
was surprised and mocked him for not having so many accounts, imploring him to sell me one black lotus flower at a cheaper price. He asked me to go to his live broadcast room, and I saw that he had a total of five accounts on different maps. He told me if I wanted to buy Black Lotus, he told me that if I wanted to buy his Black Lotus, I needed to pay in real currency, and he claimed that he had already sold a large amount of Black Lotus through RMT

I am very frustrated. Because I did not intend to use real currency to purchase in-game supplies, but I recorded the character names of the 5 accounts he showed me. If I guess correctly, this is a serious violation. Not only are there multiple accounts opened, but there are also RMT behaviors and promotion of RMT behaviors. I really hope the management team can carefully review my report. I don’t want the wild black lotus to be collected by one person. I didn’t mean any harm, but his behavior was wrong. Here is his character name

1 shanshen
2 hongkucha
3 windl
4 dirtyhunter
5 sv

ty for your work