Launcher closes silently

When starting EVLauncher it checks for version updates and files as expected, but after starting ev.exe (by EVLauncher.exe itself) that (ev process) closes silently without any errors/messages after some seconds. Can you help me, what’s the problem?

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I got this exact issue a moment ago. it happened after changed the files of the game and deleted them because I accidentally installed them in the wrong directory. however, after that, I can not even reinstall the launcher, it just does not open.

Have you fixed it?

Got the same issue, and cant install the launcher again

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just fixed with the client-fixes at discord channel, check it out

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Same, in discord the community-support channel has many solutions for this issue, too

Thanks for replies. Found the solution to fix for Win installation: started regedit and just dropped contents of EVWoW in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software