List of Github addons

1.12.1 Vanilla Addons & UI

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After downloading, extract the folder inside WoW / Interface / AddOns.


Now the .toc file inside the folder should match the folder name (WoW / Interface / AddOns / ADDONNAME / ADDONNAME.toc).

Make sure the actual addon isn’t contained inside another folder like so: ADDONNAME-master / ADDONNAME / ADDONNAME.toc

Featured addons:

Abraxas - Warlock Helper[Img1]
aBindings - Direct macrotext-to-key bindings
ActionBarProfiles - stores your action bar layout and enables to quickly switch between them[Img1]
ActionButtonUtils - Retail-like glowing for WoW 1.12 ActionButtons
ActionMirroringFrame - Display a frame showing used actions[Img1]
Altoholic Vanilla - Provides information about your alts[Img1]
Atlas - an UI mod allowing for loot tables of bosses to be browsed [Img1] [2]
ABreathBeneath - a “reskin” of the Blizzard’s nameplates[Img1]
Aero - Adds animations to frames[Img1]
Accountant - tracks your incoming / outgoing cash[Img1]
aDF - will show your target’s current armor and a few selected debuffs of your choice[Img1][Img2]
_AntInvite - block invitation of people under level 15[Img1]
AuldLangSyne - combines the functions of CT_PlayerNotes and FriendsFacts
_AutoBG - auto-queue, join, leave battlegrounds & instant spirit release
AutoDB - Automatically does /db chests and /db rares for pfQuest users.
AutoDot - addon for warlocks who wants one button for all dots
AutoDecline - Automatically decline (block) all guild, party, duel invites, as well as guild charters.
Autohump - Hump your friends all day long!
AutoShot - Automatically take screenshots
Aux - Overhaul auction house interface[Vid1]
AuxMerchantPrices - Adds merchant prices to tooltips
AdvancedTradeSkillWindow - replacement for Blizzards trade skill window[/URL]
AddOnOrganizer - This mod allows you to turn on and off all of your current addons[Img1]
agUnitFramesImproved - Customizable unit frame addon
AnnounceKick - Very simple rogue addon that announces “Kick” in say chat
AntiSpamStopCast - addon to prevent cancellation of fresh spell casts when mashing the button
ArchiTotem - Totem bar and Timers[Img1]
AuctionAltBuy - Alt-Click auctions to buy and cancel instantly
Auctionator - A lightweight addon designed to help manage auctions[Img1]
Auctioneer - Displays item info and analyzes auction data [Img1] [2]
AuctionHelper - helps you transfer items through the neutral auction house[Img1]
AuctionLink - allows you to search for items in the AH by shift-clicking them
AuctionSearchTimer - Timer that shows when you can refresh the AH[Img1]
AutoProfit - Easy sell trash to vendor WoW addon
AutoMessage - Allows automatic sending of a message to a channel at an interval specified by a user
Automaton - Reduces interface tedium by doing the little things for you[Img1]
AutoBar - automatically adds potions, water, food, quest and other items you specify into buttons for easy use[Img1]
Avbars - Graphical Timers for Events in AV and AB
Attack - Enable attack with /attack
AttackBar - Player and Enemy Swing Timer addon[Img1]
Addons for Vanilla - All the most needed addons (Last updated: 12 May 2018)
BattleShoutGlow - add a retail-like glow to battle shout as reminder[Dep][img1]
BananaBar - buttons to set raid symbols/hunter’s mark, target by symbol and many other features[Img1]
BearCastBar - A cool cast bar and swing timer that takes into account latency[Img1][Img2]
Beardleys-DiabloOrbsVanilla - is a backported Diablo like UI[Img1]
BetterScoreFrame - Better Battlefield Score Frame
BigBrother - addon to spy on your guild mates with!
BigWigs - Predicts certain AI behaviour [Img1]
BetterAlign - creates a grid on your screen to aid you in aligning and centering your UI
BetterBabelFish - Better bable talk between factions or not… whatever you like
BetterCharacterStats - More useful character statistics addon[Img1]
BGReport - shows HUGE pie-like menu with predefined macros when you’re in battleground zone[Vid1]
BladestormStopper - automatically remove the Ravager’s Bladestorm buff
Bongos - Creates customized action bars [2]
BuffBlock - Automatically removes selected buffs
BuffCounter - a frame that shows you either how many buffs you can still get or how many you have currently[Img1]
BuffHook - Shows enemy buffs by hooking WoW API’s UnitBuff(unitID, index) and adding buffs to it.
BuffReminder - Reminds the player when buffs have or will soon expire[Img1][Img2]
BuyPoisons - Buy Stacks of Poison Components
BonusScanner - Scans your equipment for cumulative bonuses like additional spell damage and sums them up
BossAlert - alert the guild and play a sound once something spawns under your mouse
BlackList - is like Ignore, except unlimited
BlizzMo - will move any Blizzard Frame and all your Bags
BlizzardPlates - adds cast bars, class and rank icons, debuffs and health numbers on the default blizzard nameplates[Img1]
Bloodrage - Provide a single button to put you in the “default” stance and activate Bloodrage
Boldi’s addons - tweaks to boldi’s addons
BSAlert - Notifies you when BattleShout is not up
Capslock - Warlock summon addon
CasterStats - CasterStats, adds the attribute Spell Dmg in the Character Panel (with hit & crit)[Img1]
CallOfElements - simplify totem usage and increase your efficiency in party and in PVP[Img1]
CallToArms - Group Hosting, Finding Addon [Fu]
carinachut - gold seller bots blocker
CatDruidDPS - One button feral druid dps
ChaosReserves - Self-service reserve managing chatbot
CharacterMap - Provides a virtual keyboard of higher-ASCII and Unicode characters which can be inserted into chat boxes
ChroniclesBuffAssignments - Automatically generates raid buff assignments that can be copy pasted in the chat
ChroniclesPI - Cast Power Infusion on people who request it via whisper
ChroniclesPTR - Gamemaster raid organization on PTRs
Chronometer - tracks spell effects (HoTs, DoTs, buffs, debuffs, etc.) that you cast[Img1][Img2]
Cartographer - is a modular, lightweight, and efficient framework for manipulation of the world map
Caterer - Auto-trades preset stack counts of water & food to players opening trade[Img1]
CerniesWonderfulFunctions - Script methods for using specific items and helping players create simple(er) macros
ColorPickerPlus - Hooks into the standard Color Picker to provide text entry for colors
ColorSocialFrame - Class Color Friends, Guild and Who List addon[Img1]
Cooline - cooldown mod that displays icons on a single bar/line to give you an idea of when it will be ready[Img1]
CombatIndicator - Shows a combat indicator next to the TargetFrame [Img1]
CooldownTimers - scans your spellbook/inventory for skills/items that are in cooldown and add them to bars[Img1]
CorpseInfo - Adds class, level, online status to the tooltip for a corpse
Clique - Simply powerful click-casting interface
Classicdb - helps you to find ingame stuff and getting your quests done
ClassicMacros - Bringing retail macro commands to classic
ClassicSnowFall - Cast Abilities on KeyDown [2]
ClassicMouseover - Mouseover casting support for Vanilla
Classicaddons - Repository with a massive amount of AddOns (Last updated: 21 May 2016)
ClassPortraits - replaces 2D portraits with a class icon[Img1]
CMap - Backport of SexyMap[Img1]
CleanChat - Colorize names, shows level, shortens channel names and more
CleanPlayerFrame - Small enhancement for the standard player, target and party frames
Cleanup - This addOn automatically stacks and sorts your items[Vid1]
CleverMacro - Adds extra slash commands for use in macros
CCWatch - Enemy CC & DR progress bars with icons[Img1]
Chatsuey - A collection of chat enhancement addons
Crafty - Lightweight craft/tradeskill window[Img1]
Crapfilter - Blocks messages
CT BuffMod Sorted - A quick edit of CT BuffMod to sort buffs properly
CThunWarner - Provides information for C’Thun raids
CT UnitFrames - Changes display of hp/mana values and adds a percentage
CDFrames - Cooldown timers for player, target and targettarget[Img1]
ChatParse - parses the chat for given keywords
CustomNameplates - Nameplate addon [Img1][Img2]
CensusPlus - records details about the characters online on your faction’s side at the time of the polling[Img1]
ChatEmote - Chat emoticon to Emote Addon
ChatLog - Gives you the ability to view or copy/paste any chat logs
ChatTimestamps - Adds customizable timestamps to chat windows
CLog - API events logging[Img1]
CloseUp - Allows you to zoom, reposition, and rotate the UI’s built-in models so that you may get a better view
Channel monitor - addOn for monitoring the chat for specific keywords[Img1]
ChatFix - Fix for channels World, Trade, etc.
ChatBar - Button Bar for opening chat messages of each type
cyCircled - changes the look of various buttons (mostly action bar buttons)[Img1]
DankScore - a tool to choose the best items for your spec/gear
DebuffFilter - Filter out specific target debuffs and player buffs into a separate frame[Img1][Img2]
DebuffTimers - Timer Overlays for enemy buffs and debuffs[Img1][Img2]
DebuffListCheck - reporting to everyone using the addon which important debuffs are or are not applied
DevilsHunters - creates a BigWigs timer when a Devilsaur dies and tries to pick the correct location
DiivSkins - will “paint” auxiliary images onto the two dimensional pane of your user interface[Img1]
DisableEscape - Prevents the escape button from cancelling invites and summons
DiscordActionBars - Spreads your base 120 action buttons across 10 configurable bars
DispelBorder - Shows highlight border around enemy magic buffs[Img1]
Distance - shows how far your target is away, based on the spell ranges your class has[Img1]
DKPAuctionBidder - Small UI to bid in DKP Auctions created bySotA[Img1]
DKPList - display dkp values stored in the public guild note bySotA
Doomed - (DOOM UI) is for fans of the classic shooter Doom[Img1]
DouseReminder - Prints a reminder to douse runes in Molten Core to officer chat
DoTimer - is a vastly sophisticated DoT tracking addon[Img1]
DPEPGP - De Profundis EP/GP Loot System
DPSMate - combat analyzation tool [2][Fu][Img1][Discord]
DruidConsumable - Script method for Druid consumable usage with powershifting
DruidManaBar - Displays a mana bar when shapeshifted[Img1]
Decursive - Its job is to help a class that can remove debuffs[Vid1]
ExpandAssist - enabling the raid assist to do the same as an raid leader
ExoRaidSetup - allows a raid to share graphical representations of boss pulls
EzPoison - Rogue Poison Helper[Img1][Img2]
EasyCloak - Automagically equip Onyxia Scale Cloak when entering Nefarian’s Lair[Vid1]
EasyRess - Simplifies chain ressing and drinking
EasyLoot - addon to simplify raid loot distribution
EFCReport - Enemy Flag Carrier report tool[Img1]
Egnar - Show a range indicator for hunters[Img1]
ElvUI - User Interface replacement[Img1]
EQCompare - Compare equipped inventory items against items in chatframe hyperlink and bags/bank[Img1]
EQL3 - A reskinned Extended Quest Log addon inspired by TukUI[Img1]
EquipColor - colors unequippable items red in the inventory[Img1]
ETL - Exp Per hour/time til level addon[Img1]
EngBags - single bag / bank, the bank’s remote viewing (auto-sorting, etc.) [Img1][Img2]
EnemyFrames - display enemy players on BGs[Img1][Img2][Read]
EngInventory - AutoSorting Inventory Replacement[Img1]
EM_CritBam - EasyMachines CritBam Mod
EM Gatherer - displays stuff you gather in your minimap and world map [2]
EM MonkeyBuddy - Helps you configure your MonkeyMods
EM MonkeyQuest - Displays your quests for quick viewing
EM WoWQuote - Receives and transmits sound-quotes
EM Yatlas - Yet another atlas
EVTCalendar - Event Calendar AddOn[Img1]
EavesDrop - A simple combat log that displays events[Img1] [2]
eUI - is a small collection of interface addons[Img1]
ElkBuffBar - Tries to sort buffs into categories with pretty colors (Fails sometimes)[Img1]
eePanels - Create and modify background panels in your WoW UI
EPGPexport - Effort Points/Gear Points Loot System export tool
EzDismount - Dismounts you whenever “Cannot use while mounted” appear
EZ-EPGP - Displays EP/GP ratio in neat frame that can be sorted by clicking on headers[Img1]
FeralFire - Customizable WoW attack add-on for Cat Form Feral Druids
FocusFrame - Providesfocus targeting & frame support [Img1]
FocusFrame TargetCastbar - Adds an extra castbar for your current target
FelwoodGather - helps you and your team mate with felwood fruit gathering, location and timer management
FishInfo2 - keeps track of which fish you catch in each zone
FishingBuddy - Help with fishing related tasks
FollowMeEnhanced - Allows other players to put you on auto-follow.
FuBar BuffLeecherFu - FuBar-2.0 Plugin that logs you out once you get Onyxia or ZG buff
FuBar_PursueFu - Easily change tracking abilities in Fubar or standalone.
Fubar PossessionsFu - FuBar plugin for Possessions addon
FuBar ToFu - Flight time recorder
FuBar ZepMaster - ZepShipMaster FuBar Plugin
Fury - end game raiding addon to make Warrior combat easier
FreeBagSlots - Free bag slots counter[Img1]
FriendFinder - An addon that helps you find your old friends from other servers!

Gatherer - track the closest plants, deposits and treasure locations on you minimap [Img1][Img2] [2]
Gamepad - Simplifies using abilities when using gamepad
GamonKillTimer - never miss a gamon kill again!
GemtRotations - 1-button rotations for various classes + some helper functions
Gearmenu - addon for switching between items and keybinding them[Img1]
GetMouseOver - A lightweight mouseover addon with some target choosing logics
GetSpellInfoVanilla - Help developers access information about spells, for example to create buffs for addons
GlobalFriendsList - An addon that can carry your friends list between toons.
Ghost - Creates 25 buttons bar under mouse pointer (hidden)[Img1]
GMBlacklist - helps GMs to cut and blacklist raw chat messages
Guildbank - AddOn for posting bags and bank items to forum (BBCODE)
GuildMap - Displays guild members on the world and mini map
GuildSearch - Search guild roster by provided name or part of it[Img1]
Gourmet - selects suitable food / drinks for picky eaters
GrayAutoSell - Automatically sells all your gray bag items when you interact with a merchant
GryllsBongos - Bongos Extension for World of Warcraft: Vanilla
GryllsComboSounds - GryllsComboSounds will play a sound when you gain a combo point
GryllsExpBar - Experience and Reputation Bar for World of Warcraft: Vanilla [Img1]
GryllsSwingTimer - Use the zUI swing timer as a standalone addon with additional color themes. [Img1]
GryllsUnitFrames - Enhances the default unitframes [Img1]
GrimoireKeeper - Tracks which grimoires your warlock pets have learned[Img1]
GrimReaper - Shows the last three hits whenever a player dies
GroupCalendar - provides an in-game calendar for planning, signing up, and managing events
GetSpellInfo - An addon to help developers access information about spells
GFW FeedOMatic - Helps a Hunter keep his pets well fed (and the food in his inventory under control)
HawkenPlates - Nameplate based on Hawken (Mech FPS Game)[Img1]
HBActionBars - Action Bars Replacement
HBPowerInfusion - Helper for Power Infusion Priests
HCSpy - Find out who is using Luna unit Frames or HealComm!
HonorSpy - collects all the honor/rank info on all players you met and shows it[Img1]
HordeIronfoe - Ironfoe speech impediment repairer for Horde
HotBotPanel - Helpful panel for keeping hots up on Sapphiron[Img1]
HealComm - Visual representation of incoming heals[Img1]
HealingAssignments - Make easy and fast Healing Assignments, post them in class-colors[Img1]
HideErrorFrame - Removes the error messages that spam your screen
HideNamePlates - Hides name plates based on unitnames[Img1][Img2]
HideUI - Hides the icons at the end of the action bars[Img1]
HunterSwissKnife - provides hunters with a set of useful things
IBDF - addon to control what mages cast
IgnoreMore - allows you to ignore more players than the default UI allows you to
IMBA - several unique functions for coordination raid, develop tactics and its display in visual form for all raid
IMDead - Plays an audio file when you die and lvlup
ImprovedIgnore - Improved functionality for ignore
Impulse-booster - mainly improves UI loading speed for pre-WotLK clients and sometimes improves performance
Inspect - debug pretty print
Interruptor - Interrupt announcer
InventorySale - Converts inventory in to BBcode for easy forum posts
ItemHints - Tooltip notes for interesting items
ItemsOfPower - Item Stat Valuation Addon[Img1]
ItemRack - Context menus for inventory items[Fu][Vid1]
IWIN - A one button macro addon for Warriors
JIM CooldownPulse - As spells, actions, and items become available, their icons will flash in a conspicuous place
JIM toolbox - provides configuration UI for other AddOns!
Joana’s Guide Atlas Suite - is a leveling guide built into the Atlas addon[Img1]
KANGZ - addon for managing Dire Maul Tribute buff run invites[Img1]
KeyringOpener - Opens the keyring whenever all bags are opened (Shift-B)
Killpro - used for tracking all kills[Img1]
KLHHaremMeter - adds an image above your KLHTM Frame that will change depending on your current threat[Vid1]
KLHThreatMeter - monitors and records your threat [Fu][Vid1]
KTMAutoHider - Automatically hides KLH Threat Meter if you are not in a raid or a party[Img1]
KTMemeAddon - Replaces mob names of the KT encounter with meme-ier names
KTP3ShackleCounter - Keeps track of the number of shackles on the Kel’Thuzad encounter phase 3
KLHThreatMeterBlizz - adds a small threat indicator to your target frame[Img1]
KillLog - a GUI for browsing your Kill Log history[Img1][Img2]
LilSparkysWorkshop - adds auction-derived pricing information for trade skills right into the trade skill recipe frame[Img1]
LunaUnitFrames - Lightweight Unit Frames in a modern look[/URL] [2]
LagCast - compensate for latency and the casting design flaw in the Vanilla client
LazyPig - UI Enhancements[Vid1]
Linkmend - Converts CLINK links into regular ones and localizes and fixes regular ones if possible
LazyRes - makes resurrecting the raid after a wipe easy
LazySpell - auto healing spell rank scale for Clique and Classic Mouseover [2]
LazyScript - very powerful scripting tool[wiki]
LHCP - LeeroyHillCatsPower extended audio emotes
LVBM - (La Vendetta Boss Mods) is a stand-alone boss mod for raid groups playing in the end-game content
LoseControl - makes it easy to see the duration of crowd control spells by displaying them in a dedicated icon on screen[Img1]
LootTracker - The primary purpose of this addon is track the loot that you and your party receive[Img1]

MacroTextStop - Hides macro texts in action buttons
MacroTT-V - Create tooltips for your macros[Img1][Img2]
Mail - Mailbox enhancement[Img1][Img2]
ManaMinder - addon for managing mana consumables[Img1]
MapOfScars - adds the Skyrim’s compass[Vid]
MapTarget - makes all “red dots” on the minimap clickable[Vid1]
MasterLootRemind - Prompt Raid Leader to Set Master Loot when a Boss is detected
MasterLute - Sends raid chat message with some predefined variables by user
MaxCam - automatically enables maximum camera distance
McgUI - Melee user interface (1920x1080)[Img1]
MCP - Allows you to enable/disable addons while logged in the game.
Metamap - adds features to the world map[Img1]
MeleeStats - addon to see your melee stats
Mendeleev - Mendeleev, the addon, adds all kinds of information on top of the information provided by Blizzard to almost all item tooltips.
MobResist - Show the current armor and resistance of the mob that you are targeting
MobsToLevel - adds a small window that tells you how many more mobs you need to level up!
MobHealth - displays the current and maximum health of your target on top of the target frame [2]
MobHealth3 - Shows the exact NPC Health[Img1]
MobInfo2 - provides you with useful additional information about opponents/monsters
Mouseover - Enables mouseover actions on unit frames
MouseOverSounds - Plays a warning sound when you mouseover a rare, elite or dangerous mob.
MikScrollingBattleText - a replacement for Blizzard Floating Combat Text and Damage output
MissingTradeSkillsList - Shows the missing recipes/skills for a tradeskill and where to get them[Img1]
MB-CA-icons - Addon to track when Mongoose Bite & Counterattack is usable
Modguide - puts VanillaGuide into a chat window
Modui - Complete vanilla UI (Clean but modern!)
Modui-TallHealthBar - Adds taller player and target health bars to modui[Img1]
Modui-FocusFrame - Adds modui style changes toFocusFrame [Img1]
MRE - is a simple mod that shows the number of rage / energy / mana[Img1]
Mule - help moving consumables back and forth between characters[Img1]
MinimapButtonFrame - gathers up all of your minimap addon buttons and puts them into a movable frame[Img1]
ModifiedPowerAuras - lets you customize graphics to remind you do do certain things[Img1] [2]
MacroExtender - allows you to create conditional statement macros that are found in TBC+ and more[Read]
MinimapButtonBag - cleans up your Minimap and relocates the buttons in a menu bar[Img1]
MorunoRankEnhanced - addon for estimating PVP-Standings [Img1]
ManyQTItemTooltips - Up to 20 tooltips

_Nameplates - sorts nameplates into friendly and hostile columns[Img1]
NameChangeScript - Change your name in whatever you want, will only be visible to you not to other players.
nampower - Dramatically increase cast efficiency on the 1.12.1 client!
NiceDamage - Change your damage font
Nauticus - transportation tracker[Fu]
NBR - (NirkBuffRemover) automatically remove the least useful buff when you get close to the buff cap[Img1]
NoErrorSounds - Spam your spells without getting that annoying fizzle sound
NotGrid - It’s pretty much grid and it works
NotesUNeed - Notes Manager that allows you to track Friends, Ignores, Guild members, Quests, Items and generic notes[Img1]
NyaMap - Make your minimap sexy[Img1]
Niagara - makes a list of all your Ace2 Addons that use AceConsole using Waterfall Lib so you have a GUI for config[Img1]
OneButtonHunter - A very simple addon, executing the rotation of the hunter
oCB - (Otravi Casting Bar) Quartz Like castbar[2]
OmniCC - A universal cooldown count, based on Gello’s spec[Img1] [2]
OoI - addon to help with Oil of Immolation
OpenClam - Search clam shells in inventory and open them after looting
oRA2 - a lightweight alternative for CTRaidAssist [Img1]
Outfitter - is an equipment management addon which gives you fast access to multiple outfits[Fu] [Img1]
PallyPower - easy to use interface that allows you set your own blessings and automatically check for missing buffs
PerfectShot - Hides UI / name plates and then takes a series of screenshots
PingoMatic - Minimap Ping Improvements[Img1]
Pitty - will attempt to identify people healing using automated healing addons, such as QuickHeal
Pummeler - One button for equipping and using Manual Crowd Pummeler(s)
PoisonCharges - show you remaining charges and remaining time of your poisons[Img1]
PowerAuras - This Mod was created to have a better visibility when you gain buffs, debuffs and many more
Postal - Postal for easier mailbox management in WoW
Postal-Returned - Modification of the Postal addon for vanilla WoW. Includes improved mail return functionality and some bug fixes
pfDebug - A little tool to monitor the memory usage, peaks and garbage collection[Img1]
pfDesktop - An In Game-Desktop Environment[Img1]
pfQuest - A lightweight quest helper and ingame database[Img1]
pfUI - full replacement for the original Wow interface in a single Addon [Vid1][Read]
pfUI-addonskinner - External module for pfUI that provides you with pfUI-themed skins for other addons[Img1] [2]
pfUI-autoinvite - External module for pfUI that allows you to set auto invites through whispers[Img1]
pfUI-CustomMedia - External module for pfUI providing additional textures for the unit frames and casting bars[Img1]
pfUI-debuffmonitor - External module for pfUI that shows mob armor, resistances and important raid debuffs[Img1]
pfUI-font-dyslexic - A font package for pfUI, providing additional font options fromOpenDyslexic[Img1]
pfUI-Gryphons - Add back the gryphons to your actionbars [Img1]
pfUI-lootfilter - External module for pfUI that allows you to filter items from your inventory[Img1]
pfUI-managems - External module for pfUI that allows you to keep track of your mana gems status[Img1]
pfUI-tradeskillcd - External module for pfUI that allows you to keep track of tradeskill cooldowns[Img1]
pfSimpleDamage - A lightweight Damage Meter[Img1]
pfStudio - an in game-IDE[Vid1]
Punschrulle - Highly customizable castbar[Img1]
PlayerStates - Macro Helper addon
Profession query - useful addon for crafters selling their services!
Possessions - Inventory List Addon with Alt support
PowerInfusionHandler - Shows a bar with how how long PI is active as well as how long the cooldown is[Img1]
PicoPoisons - displays remaining poison charges on the respective buff symbols[Img1]
Prat Vanilla - Chat customization addon[Fu] [Img1][Img2] [2]
PriestBinds - Provides keybinds for priest abilities
Pvpwarn - Addon that warns players visually and acoustically about pvp events[Img1]
pwscounter - allows to track how many Power Word: Shields are being cast in a raid fight
Questie - A standalone Vanilla QuestHelper[Vid1]
QuestSoundBits - is a quest progress sound alert addon
QuestTranslator - Italian Quests Translator[Img1]
QuickBind - Mouseover keybinds for action bars
QuickChat - allows you to assign Hotkeys to all your channels
QuickHeal - Quick healing of party/raid members
Quickmark - assist with quickly marking targets[Img1]
Quiver - Hunter addon with auto shot castbar and more
QuestHaste - allows fast turn in of quests
QuestItem - stores an in-game database over quest items and tell you which quest they belong to
rais_AutoShot - Lightweight Auto-Shot Timer for Hunters
RABuff - Monitors a raid / party group, displaying various statistics[Img1]
RageTracker - Shows an resizable and movable rage bar
RaidOrganizer - User-friendly interface for raid role assignment
RaidRollHelper - Fair item distribution with /roll in raids
RangeColor - Change the icon color when out of range, no mana or not usable
Rank14losSA - verbally tells you when somebody is using a Cooldown, or an important ability[Img1]
RapidQuest - WHDB modified to work with a MetaMap[Vid1]
RAT - (Raid Ability Tracker) tracks certain class ability cooldowns (in raid) and puts them in an easy to view list[Img1][Img2]
RDX (Raid Data Exchange) a tool for acquiring, filtering, and visualizing information about your raid team[Img1]
ResurrectionAnnounce - Plugin That Adds Resurrection Announce to Chat
RestBar - Display rest in percent’s
Retarget - Retargets Hunters after Feign Death and Rogues after Stealth
RezzTimer - Shows resurrection timers of other party members who have this addon[Img1]
RogueRota - A very simple addon, executing the rotation of the rogue
Roid-Macros - allows you to use a small subset of the macro conditionals
RosterFilter - a guild frame based on aux[Img1]
RecipeRadar - assists players in finding recipes
RingMenu - a circular ActionBar that can be summoned with a click
ReckCounter - a small frame showing stored strikes from the Paladin Reckoning talent
ReagentCounter - Displays reagent count on the spell’s action button
ResourceCountActionButtons - Displays how often you can cast a spell before you run out of resources on the action buttons
RaidSummon - small RaidSummon frame[Img1]
RogueFocus - Compact Combo/Energy/Tick display[Img1]
RoguePack - First necessary add-ons to the Rogue
ruRU ClassicAddons - Addons supporting ruRU local
RenewSpam - autocasts renew(rank 1) on any raid member that doesn’t have renew
RWSync - Multi Raid Warning

SafeBuff - Smart target buffing
SafeShift - Safety measure against accidentally unshifting immediately after shapeshifting
Salad Cthun - Shows optimal positioning based on group on C’thun[Img1]
SaySapped - Says “Sapped!” to alert those around you whenever a rogue saps you
SaySapped Extended - Also works for many other CCs
SeeThunGroups - C`thun group setup helper for raid leaders[Img1]
Select AddOns - addons authored by Road-block (some not)[Img1]
SellValue - Adds vendor prices to tooltips[Img1]
Sentry - Open pvp enemy frames/alerts[Img1]
Shootyepgp - Guild Helper addon for EPGP loot system
ShardCap - Automatically deletes soul shards above a certain amount (default 5)
ShieldLeft - Estimates and shows the charges left on shield.
SleepyPeon - Moveable Rest XP bar, keeps track of rest XP overflow into next level(s)
SimpleActionSets - Save action bars as sets that can be swapped out
SimpleRaidTargetIcons - Target Marking and Mark Targeting Improvements[Img1][Img2]
SKMap - tracks player deaths, player pvp kills, their location by zone, and displays them on the world map
ShowChests - Show chests locations on login with pfQuest
Sota - State of the Art DKP and Loot addon
sQMinimapFix - Force a constant minimap zoom level across all zones, cities and instances.
SpamSentry - Documents Gold Spammers by making an automatic screenshot of the message
SpamThrottle - addon to remove unwanted chat messages[Img1]
SpellAlert - Warns the player of the spell being casting from the hostile units[Vid1]
sRaidFramesImproved - was originally designed to replace the raid frames provided by CT_RaidAssist[Img1] [Img2]
StatCompare - StatCompare, adds a panel next to the Character Panel[Img1]
StealthOverlay - slowly dims your screen when you enter Stealth[Img1]
StopDuelBuffer - Auto-Decline World Buff / Flask Chugger Duels
StopWatch - a simple stopwatch that uses blizzards style[Img1]
SpellPowerMulti - displays the current relevant damage multipliers on a target as well as the current total multiplier[Img1]
SmallerRollFrames - replaces the default Roll-Frames with smaller ones[Img1]
SmartDebuffCheck - Simple addon to check if your target has the proper debuffs applied
SmartHealer - Autoscales heals in macros, and click heals for pfUI, Clique and ClassicMouseover
SmartLoot - is a unobtrusive group loot frames AddOn[Img1]
SmartRoll - addon to help with rolling on items for multi-raid groups[Img1]
SmartBuff - Automatically buff self/party/raid. Highly customisable.
SnagaLoatheb - Makes rotating Heals on Loatheb a lot easier
Snipe - automatically buys any auction that matches a target in a specified target list
Sniper - Mob Sniping Helper
SoulShardManager - Keeps your Soul Shards in check
SortBags - Bag sorting for Vanilla (1.12)
ShaguBam - a BamMod alike Addon[Img1]
ShaguBoP - auto accepts BoP loot when alone[Img1]
ShaguChat - highlight and hide custom chat messages[Img1]
ShaguClock - draws a simple movable clock on the screen [2][Img1]
ShaguColor - allows to write colorful chat messages[Img1]
ShaguCombat - displays your combat state via glowing screen edges[Img1]
ShaguCopy - allows to copy chat messages[Img1]
ShaguDPS - A very small and lightweight damage meter[Img1]
ShaguDelgado - modifies some elements to be purple[Img1]
ShaguError - hides error and notification message popups[Img1]
ShaguInventory - shows account wide item count inside the tooltips[Img1]
ShaguKill - displays the remaining kills till level up[Img1]
ShaguMount - automatically unmounts the player when using an action[Img1]
ShaguNotify - shows achievement alike notifications for several events[Vid1]
ShaguPlates - modifies and extends the default nameplates [Img1]TidyPlates-Edit
ShaguScore - displays a gearscore alike item rating[Img1]
ShaguStance - automatically switches to the required stance[Img1]
ShaguTooltips - modifies the game tooltips[Img1]
ShaguTweaks - A small AddOn for those who don’t want to use any AddOns at all. [Img1]
ShaguTweaks-Mods - Mods for the ShaguTweaks addon [Img1]
ShaguValue - display item sell and buy values on tooltips[Img1]
ShamanFix - changes the shaman class colour to blue
Strategos Battleground - custom minimap for battlegrounds
StrategosCore - Enhances your BG experience[Img1][Discord]
Strategos Minimap - custom minimap for battlegrounds
SimpleCombatLog - Pretty Print Combat Log AddOn
SUCCbag - addon to unify user inventory and bags [2][Img1]
SUCC-ecb - enemy castbar
SUCC-ui - UI replacement
SunOfTheNight - addOn that tries to “backport” the Character Menu of Skyrim[Img1]
SuperMacro - provides a very much improved interface for macros[Vid1] [2]
SuperIgnore - Unlimited ignore list with many extra features[Img1]
SVT - Keeps track of Shadow Vulnerability
SpartanUI - designed to free your screen by moving a majority of the interface elements to the bottom
SpartanUI_SpinCam - Causes the camera to spin around your character when you go AFK
SilverDragon - tracks rares [Img1]
Samuel - Static swing timer with 1 - 1.5 second Slam marker for warriors[Img1]
SP_SwingTimer - Warrior Swing Timer[Img1]
SP_Overpower - Shows an alert tooltip and timer bar on your screen when Overpower procs
Swapper - is a container swapping utility addon
SwapRaidSubgroupByName - Adds a function to swap raid members by name rather than by raid-index
SW Stats - (named after guild Shadow Warrior) is a damage/heal (and more) meter addon
SyncedUI - A complete UI solution featuring a customized profile & release of pfUI for for 1920x1080[Img1]
SummonsMonitor - makes it easy for one or more Warlocks to summon multiple people
TankAssignments - helps you assign tanks to raid targets
TankBuddyEnh - Alert raid on successful/missed taunt/kick/cc
TankHeal - Tank Heal Assistant
TargetAssist - Simple raid target icons
TargetFrameBuff - View all 16 buffs/debuffs on default UI
!Toggle - Disables toggling behavior of Attack, Auto Shot and Shoot
Thaliz - Smart addon to handle ressing party / raid members[Img1]
Theorycraft - display average numbers on buttons w/ macros
Threat - Provide a single button to generate the maximum available threat on a given single target
TinyTip - changes the look of your GameTooltip
TimeManager - Time Management features[Img1]
Timers - Flexibly customizable timers for tracking by triggers
TimeTracker - addon to create custom bars
TitanCritLine - Saves your high normal and critical damage records and flashes a message if your break the record
TitanGuild - TitanGuild with EPGP display
TitanWowRadio - Titan Plug-in for WowRadio
TomTomVanilla - a mix of the Legion TomTom and QuestieArrow[Img1]
TotemTimersEnhanced - keep track of shaman totems, how long they’ll last and when their next Tick comes
TradeDispenser - allows to automatically trade any water or food you have in your bags[Img1]
TrinketMenu - a mod to make swapping trinkets easier[Img1]
Talentsaver - save & load your common Talent Specs with just one click![[Vid1]](file:///C:/Users/Dmitrii/Desktop/List of Github addons - Addons - Everlook Forum_files/watch)
TriviaBot - allows the user to host quiz games for other players
ToggleGather - Allows you to toggle between Find Herbs and Find Minerals with a single key press
TopMeOff - will automatically top you off on reagents when you talk to a reagent vendor
TourGuide Professions - Professions guides for 1-300
TourGuideVanilla - Power Leveling guide framework[Img1]
ToxicTagger - enables you to easily make macros that are good for tagging mobs
TrainerSkills - Shows the trainer frame from anywhere
UberBanish - Informs the party/raid of how much time is left in your Banishes
UITweaks - Tweaks the User Interface to be as minimalistic as possible
UnicodeFont - Enables you to see Chinese, Japanese and other languages in game
UnitFramesImproved - improve upon the standard blizzard unit frames without going beyond the boundaries set by them[Img1]
Unitscan - automatically scans for characters by name and alerts you upon finding one[Img1]
Vanilla Addons - vanilla addons fixed by Laytya
Vanilla addons A-Z - Big addons repository (Last updated: 30 Apr 2018)
VanillaGraphicBoost - Push the game’s visuals to the max[Img1]
VanillaGuide - An in-game leveling guide [2]
VanillaRatingBuster - Displays ratings for items in tooltips based on stat weights[Img1][Img2]
VanillaFightclassFramework - wRobot Fightclass Framework for World of Warcraft 1.12.1
VCB - a highly customizable buff frame[Img1] [2]
VendorAutoBuy - Auto buy limited items from merchants[Img1]
VF WarriorAddon - Announces Last Stand / Shield Wall / Missed Taunts
VGAntiCooldown - Tracks and purge enemy buffs
VGAttackBar - Displays a progress bar for your attack speed[Img1]
VGInterrupt - interrupt your target
VGShamanTools - tracks weapon enchantment and totem timers[Img1]
VGSmartUnbuff - removes the lowest-priority buff
VoidBattle - AddOn that removes battleground spam messages from chat
VQueue - Group finder utility[/URL] [2]
VanillaStoryline - enhance the readability and immersion when questing [2] [Img1][Img2]
VanillaMaps - collection of detailed and clear maps, gathered from various sources
WIIIUI - A Warcraft III UI addon for vanilla WoW [Img1]
WarriorHUD - a HUD(Head-up-Display) created exclusively for Warriors[Img1]
WarriorTank - One button warrior tanking
WebDKP Elysium - addon to help guild leaders manage their dkp
WFW - addon for switching weapons when you have Windfury totem
Whisper Filter - If you are annoyed by whispers of gold sellers and beggars this is right choice for you[Img1]
WIM - (WoW Instant Messenger) brings an instant messenger feel to communication in game
WhoHas - Tooltip Addon showing item counts and other info
WhoFavorites - Store and Replay /who queries
WhoKicksNow - Displays cooldowns for Kick, Gouge, Cheap Shot and Kidney Shot to everyone in group who use the AddOn
WhoList_Fix - Fix the Who-List Display[Img1]
WorkAroundSelfCast - AddOn to enable the use of autoSelfCast with other AddOns like PallyPower
WorldBossAlert - simplifies scouting for world bosses by checking the scout’s combat log for crucial events
WorldFilter - filters the world and trade channel by keywords
WowLuaVanilla - A WowLua backport for Vanilla WoW [Img1]
WowRadio - Listen to Internet Radio inside WoW[Img1]
WoW-UIs - A simple collection of legacy UIs
WRUGS - Effective addon to block gold seller whispers
XckMasterLootAdvanced - Easy way to assign loot as ML[Img1]
XFactionChat - Cross Faction Chat
XLoot - Xloot for 1.12 Shagu Style
XLoot AddOns - A remake of the built-in loot frame[Img1]
XPerl - Replaces the normal unit, party, target, pet frames and adds target-of-target
XTranqManager - Easy Auto Announce TranqShot
XtraUnitFrame - Advanced Compact Unit Raid Frame[Img1][Img2]
YAHT - Yet another Hunter Timer[Img1][Img2]

ZeroDB - database addon[Img1]
ZGLoot - automate looting in ZG, AQ 20 and AQ 40[Img1]
ZGTracker - Tracks Zul’Gurub coins and bijous lootage
zUI - A UI that aims to preserve the blizzard look/design but with a modern touch and with some nice features added[Img1][Img2]