Me more cool 公会牧师remember

Dear GM, I report to you a player of very low quality, hope he gets the punishment he deserves. Here’s what happened: 1. Back in Red Ridge, I did elite quests with friends and teamed up with a player named Remember, a professional priest. 2. When the blue suit came out, the double-barreled shotgun, we all chose greed, and he tapped the demand with a soldier, who, because he was a priest, couldn’t equip himself, which upset me, so I asked him if he could hand it over, not only did he not hand it over, but he made fun of me. 3. When the team arrived at the BOSS’s room, in front of the BOSS, he cut me out of the team, resulting in my task not completed. This behavior is, in my opinion, unreasonable and rude and malicious. Four. I think this behavior is not friendly game behavior, I will actively report. Hope to get your reply, the attachment is my photo taken at that time.