My account has been banned

My account has been banned 2024-01-14 08:49 for permanent time. I have already submitted an appeal on my account page and hope the GM can look into it. I am a hardcore fan of Everlook and have more than one account. Everlook has been with me for over a year, and I am online almost every day, adventuring in the world of Azeroth. You see, I have been obsessed with Blizzard’s World of Warcraft version 1.12 since I was a young child. I always believed that version 1.12 was the purest form of the game, but unfortunately, I can no longer play it. Oh my goodness! Why did Everlook come into existence? Everlook is like a heaven-sent savior to me, and I am so excited that I don’t know how to express it… This is the world I have always wanted, this is my childhood! I have spent money in the in-game shop on both of my accounts because I love this game, and I love Everlook! I can’t bear to lose it. However, one of my accounts has been permanently banned, and I promptly submitted an appeal on my account page, hoping the GM will handle it. I haven’t been able to sleep for two nights… Please, I beg you!